Thu, Oct

Spring Brings New Life


planting-trees-1Spring brings life and new hope for the country and for its people. In Kandahar, many of us are optimistic for the coming of a new year, the growth seen in green parks and farmers’ fields, as well as the roots of peace and stability strengthening across the country.

This year, a public campaign is taking place to plant trees and flowers in order to make our urban centers and public places more green, so all Afghans can recognize the beauty offered by our country. There is a saying that if every citizen plants one tree, then thousands of plants will cover the country. To put this idea into action, Kandahari people chose the New Year to kick off a green campaign.

Haji Khan works at Aino Town’s greenhouse, growing new plants he will plant in different parts of the city. He said he is motivated to provide a green future for our children to appreciate. “In future decades, our young generation can take a rest in the shade provided by our hard work invested today. This is why I am working to grow these plants and I hope each person takes part in the greening of their own city.” tree-planting-2 

Deputy Mayor of Kandahar City, Nasim Razaie, praised the efforts of local citizens and said the city plans to encourage the planting of thousands of trees and flowers throughout different parts of the city for people to enjoy and said the government is very happy with this project. “The unity represented by this project to green our city makes me proud to serve our people.”

The people of Kandahar realize this spring is the dawn of a new era in the history of our country; one of unity, peace and stability. With efforts today, we can plan our picnics for tomorrow.