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Panjwai: A District Reborn


construction-in-panjwaiPanjwai district in Kandahar has long suffered from its reputation as a troubled area where local citizenry were subjected to insurgent intimidation which limited development projects. Panjawai lagged behind neighboring districts in terms of public works projects.

Times have changed and with renewed resolve and modern equipment, the government has gained the support and cooperation of Panjwai’s people. Today, numerous development projects are taking place in the district, including, many job-creating road and public works projects.

Hundreds of people are working on irrigation and drainage projects from places where insurgents used to plant IEDs.

The Panjwai District Governor, Mohammad Fazal Mohammad Ashakzai, said, “Many villages were terrorized by the Taliban, so our people suffered in poverty because insurgents offer no hope or constructive opportunities of employment. But, with the sacrifice of our brave ANDSF, the district is now stable and secure and our people have jobs building their own communities. This is the future path for our country.”

The police chief of Panjwai district, Sultan Mohammad, said, “The development projects bring job opportunities to our area, which increases security because the insurgents prefer to exploit the poor and jobless.”

The ongoing development pzrojects are also being supplemented by educational projects to reopen and improve schools for local children.

The people of the Panjwai are happy with the ongoing development and reopening of schools as well as employment initiatives. They have promised to continue their support to the government and the ANDSF and refuse to let insurgents destroy their future