Sun, Oct

Maiwand residents stand proudly


maiwand-uprisingThe people of Maiwand district stood in unity with the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) against the insurgents after a three day operation to clear all the villages from the Taliban.

The cooperation between the people and ANDSF helped evict the insurgents and send a strong message that even in the most remote areas the people will never let the Taliban reenter their villages.

The people suffered daily insults and abuse by the insurgents. They recognized the only hope for joining in the prosperity of the new Afghanistan was to pledge support to the government and the ANDSF. After the ANDSF operation, district residents pledged to keep the insurgents out of their district.

The Police Chief of Maiwand district told Sada-e-Azadi that the Taliban used hiding places in Kala Shamir village for the last 13 years but after the strong support and cooperation between the people and the ANDSF, the last remnants of Taliban brutality are being swept away.

He added, “From the 11 villages that have risen against the insurgents, more than 130 young men have revolted against the Taliban in cooperation with the ANDSF. These men were essentially prisoners of the insurgents and had no freedom to pursue economic opportunities and support their families. They rejected this imprisonment and cooperated with the ANDSF. We helped them by providing guns so they can protect their village from Taliban attacks. Additionally, we are planning to support them with some military training and logistics.”

A village leader associated with the revolt, Faiz Mohammad Said, explained that they are tired of Taliban activities in their area, so after the ANDSF cleared the area, they cooperated with the ANDSF and promised to never let the Taliban return to their homes or enter their villages. “If any Taliban tries to enter our village they will only find supporters of our ANDSF.”

Shadi Khan is one of the many who despise the Taliban and said that he will stand against the Taliban for the rest of his days. “We lost many relatives to insurgent violence and mines but not anymore! We will never let any Talib return to our homes or terrorize our family.”

According to the people of Kala Shamir, the Taliban had many great hiding places in this village but after the ANDSF operation and with their cooperation, all insurgent hiding places were destroyed. Mr. Kahn continued, “We were not able to say anything to the Taliban because they had guns and abused us. However, the ANDSF has sacrificed itself to defend us and supplied us with weapons for self-defense.”

There are bright days ahead in Kandahar as security improves daily thanks to the cooperation, support and brotherhood between the local people and our ANDSF.