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ANP improves safety for citizens


demining-servicesThe Kandahar Police Training Center trains hundreds of young officers every year. One of the most important training courses is the mine defusing program, where Afghan National Police learn to find, recognize, and defuse different kinds of hazardous explosives.

Second Lieutenant Esa Mohammad is a trainer at the Kandahar Police Training Center and specializes in mine defusing. He has trained nearly 250 young officers on mines and explosives. He says that every mine has to be taken seriously.

“Defusing mines is a vital skill. I think every ANP officer should know at least the basics of demining. Mines kill innocent people so we should do everything we can to clean the environment from these dangerous explosives. I learned my skills from international troops and now it is my turn to pass the knowledge to the young officers,” Second Lieutenant Mohammad says.

The Kandahar Training Center was established in 2003 by an international coalition. In 2009, coalition partners took the mentoring role to train the Afghan trainers and in 2013 international troops let the ANP trainers take full responsibility. Besides the training program, international donations assisted the ANP of Kandahar to build new facilities and with modern police equipment and accessories.

One year ago, the responsibilities for training at the Kandahar Police Training Center were transferred from international partners to Afghan national forces. Mohammad is grateful for all the assistance that ANP received from Resolute Support (RS).

“RS personnel equipped us with mine defusing tools. During the training the officers learn also how to use this equipment. I will never forget all the help that our international comrades gave to us.” Abdul Hanan has recently joined the ANP and is currently attending the mine defusing course. He has gone through several different trainings, but finds the mine defusing one most interesting.

“Mines kill innocent people. I hope that this way I can do my part in reducing civilian casualties. We learn different techniques and we have a lot of useful practical training,” says Hanan.

Today ANDSF is stronger and able to provide security all around Kandahar province, including the border areas. These well trained troops have shown that the future of Afghanistan is in good hands.