Thu, Oct

New customs building in Khost


khost-new-costume-houseThe inauguration of a newly built customs house in the Gurzab, a border district in Khost province, is another step in the Afghan government’s efforts towards the country’s further development. The International Community funded the 390 million Afghanis construction of Ghulam Khan Border Customs House.

Khost acting governor, Abdul Jabar Naimi, and the Afghan Border Police Commander, Lieutenant General Mohammad Shafiq Fazli, inaugurated the new facilities. Tribal leaders, local traders and businessmen, and members of the provincial council also attended the ceremony.

The acting governor, Mr. Naimi, thanked the international community for funding this project. “This world standard facility was completed in two years and will increase the government’s revenue and economic prosperity for Khost and the neighbouring provinces,” Mr. Naimi said.

With the opening of the new customs house, the Afghan traders have access to better facilities when they import and export their goods.

Lt Gen. Fazli, said that new facilities increase trade activities and improve services to our people. “Our border police and officials will be able to provide valuable services to people, which shows government’s commitment towards Afghanistan’s economic development, peace and stability,” he said.