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The ANA’s modern clinic in Helmand


helmand-military-health-facilities-1Having a modern medical clinic in Shorabak, Helmand province is critical in that it allows the Afghan National Army (ANA) to provide health services to its members in regional areas.

The coalition forces built the clinic for 215 Maiwand Corps two years ago. The clinic has 50 beds, is equipped with modern facilities, an operating room and is staffed 24 hours a day. There are 23 Afghan doctors and nurses working together to provide quality treatment to the ANA.

Abdul Basir, one of the doctors in this clinic is happy for the services that are delivered to the ANA patients. “The coalition forces handed all the responsibilities to us last year, our doctors independently conduct their duties now,” the doctor said. “All our doctors received training by the UK doctors before they left.”

Doctor Basir added that all the medical personnel in the clinic are professionals and able to deliver needed treatment. “Before this clinic was built, the soldiers were sent to Bastion Hospital, he said.


ANA helicopters service the clinic, carrying the patients to either Kandahar or Kabul if complex treatment is required.

Shir Ali, an ANA soldier wounded in Sangin district of Helmand, was airlifted to the clinic. He is thankful for the care he received at the clinic. “I thank the doctors and the staff at the clinic for the best treatment they gave me,” he said. “I want to go back to the unit and join my friends when I am fully recovered.”

Doctor Asghar, who also works at the clinic, is proud that the ANA manages such a modern facility. He thanked the coalition forces for building the clinic and the training that was provided to the staff.