Wed, Oct

23 Militants Killed Including Two Local Commanders in Helmand Province


ANP-menToday early morning, Afghan National Police attacked an armed insurgent’s hideout in Nowzad district of southern Helmand province; as a result, 21 armed insurgents were killed.

Also, Afghan National Police discovered and confiscated two 82 and 75mm artillery shells and two mortars from the scene.

In a separate report, Coalition Forces launched an air strike in the Qasim Bazar region, Marjah district of southern Helmand province.

As a result, two local commanders of armed insurgents were killed.

The commanders were involved in many terror activities in this district and other areas of Helmand province.

In the past 24 hour, Afghan National Police discovered and defused 29 different types of IEDs placed by enemies of Afghanistan for destructive activities in Helmand province.

Afghan National Police are working diligently with local leaders and the public to prevent these types of acts from killing and wounding innocent civilians and security forces.

Afghan National Police encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities and criminal acts to contact by dialing 119.