Tue, Oct

Helmand locals support the ANDSF


helmand-support-andsfBetter coordination between the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) in maintaining peace and security throughout Helmand province gaining local’s support in fighting against the enemies of peace.

In a recent press conference, Mohammad Jaan Rasoulyaar, Helmand Deputy Governor, explained the ANDSF’s successful operations are defeating the insurgents attacking checkpoints in Sangin, Nowzad and Musa Qala districts.

Mr. Rasoulyaar stated that the ANDSF have the strength and capability to provide and maintain security for the people. “Good coordination between the ANDSF fighting against the Taliban has increased people’s support for our security forces. Locals are assisting the ANDSF and give them information about the Taliban activities,” he said. “As a result of people’s cooperation, two Taliban commanders, Mullah Naqib and Mullah Qasim were recently arrested in Shagi area of Marja district.”

Salim Khan, a resident of Marjah district said, our security forces are in control here in Marja; security is much better now and civilians are living in peace,” he said. “The ANDSF respect people and we support them.”

In Sangin district, locals are happy to see a defeated Taliban cleared out of their area. Shakir, a local shopkeeper, said that the ANDSF are powerful, well equipped with heavy machinery. “We are glad because we know that the Taliban are not able to fight against our security forces.”

Fed up with the Taliban, Shakir said that they are not the followers of Islam and the Holy Quran because they kill the innocent and extort money from people. “Our people don’t want to see them here and don’t want to support them,” he said.