Wed, Oct

Provincial councils & civil society join hands for improved governance


ghazniMembers of Ghazni’s provincial council and civil society organizations are strengthening their partnership in order to improve provincial-level governance.

Around 50 people came together at a UNAMA-supported one-day consultative meeting in Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Ghazni. Similar events have also taken place in nearby Paktya, Khost and Paktika provinces.  

 Participants at the Ghazni meeting included the Secretary and members of the provincial council, civil society activists and government officials.
 Key topics covered included areas of cooperation between the provincial council and civil society, building reliable working relationships, and promotion of participatory and accountable governance.

 Ghazni Provincial Council Secretary, Hamidullah Sarwary, said the relationship between the provincial council and civil society organizations is very important for the community. He emphasized that coordinated efforts by these institutions would satisfy communities in reflecting their voices in the provincial planning for development.
 A civil society representative, Ahmad Ali, pointed to one of the big advantages of civil society organizations,  that they operate across the province and have access to all villages. As such they are in contact with local people and can convey important community issues to the provincial council.
Participants highlighted complementarities and common working areas for the provincial council and civil society organizations. They formed a seven-member committee to draft a memorandum of understanding which would govern the partnership moving forward.