Thu, Oct

Helmand governor claims controlling land grab, injustice


The Helmand governor, who took office three months ago, on Monday claimed preventing injustice and land grab in the southern province.

During a meeting with tribal elders, Mirza Khan Rahimi said his administration was giving its best shot to maintaining security and ensuring development.

“We have received complaints that one piece of land has been allotted to several people. We have also reports that land for parks, mosque and public areas have been sold,” he said.
The governor has ordered the prosecution office, National Directorate of Security (NDS) officials and other authorities to investigate the issues and present him reports as soon as possible.

Poor governance, drug smuggling, corruption and injustice had created problems for his government, he said, adding: “Since taking office, I have been asked repeatedly for infrastructure projects and security, but my focus remained on addressing complaints.”
But Deputy Mayor Ahmad Massoud Selab denied distribution of parks or other green areas, saying some of spaces had been converted into commercial sites in line with order of the Ministry of Urban Development.

A resident of Lashkargah, Sardar Mohammad, said dozens of markets, shops and houses had been distributed to people over the past few years in the absence of a municipality plan.
There was no government land left in the city for the establishment of government buildings in case of need, he concluded.