Thu, Oct

Commando Says Unit Played Crucial Role In Kunduz


the-fight-stuffsAbdul Munib, a member of the Afghan National Army Commando Unit, says commando troops have played a crucial role in retaking control of Kunduz city and other parts of the province over the past few days.

However, Munib, 26, told TOLOnews that they, commandos along with other security force branches, are still fighting insurgents in parts of the province.

Tamim Hamid, TOLOnews reporter who is in Kunduz, says the commando unit was among the first to enter the embattled city after it fell to the Taliban last week.

Hamid reports that Munib led the first team of commandos into the city.

Munib, whose brother is also in the security forces – as a ground troop soldier - says he will respond "tit-for-tat" against those who attacked Kunduz.

"For the blood that was shed in Kunduz, we will take revenge - from the enemies of Afghanistan's people. I want to assure the people that we will return their lost security," he said.

He said that he has fought militants in many parts of the country in the past and is committed to bringing about security. "We don't have any fear and we don't panic and we will defend the nation till our last drop of our blood," Munib added.

According reports, Afghan security forces are still trying to restore peace in the city, which fell to insurgents last Monday.