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Kandahar Modern Military Hospital


kandahar-regional-hospital-1 Kandahar Regional Military Hospital is considered one of the best medical facilities in the country. The hospital that was financed and built by the international military partners provides all forms of medical treatment to ill and injured Afghan National Security Forces personnel.

Besides modern infrastructure and the best possible medical equipment, all medical staff received profound training. From nursing to emergency surgery, Afghan medical personnel are trained and equipped for every possible case.

For the last two years, the 250 personnel including doctors, nurses and maintenance staff have provided treatment to the wounded and ill ANDSF members.

Head of the Kandahar Regional Military Hospital is Brigadier General Dr. Sayed Azam Hussaini. Trained at Afghanistan's Military School, he looks back on a 25 year career as a doctor and is proud to be in charge of "the best hospital" as he explains it.

There are six similar facilities in Afghanistan, two in the capital Kabul and four in other provinces.

According to General Hussaini, his facility has outstanding coordination and exchange of expertise with the Kandahar Mirwais Hospital and the Department of Health. In cases of available capacities, the hospital also treats ANDSF families and local residents.

Great progress was made over the past 14 years in Kandahar. Today the hospital has the capacity to treat up to 450 patients and has 100 standard rooms for treatment and patient accommodation.

Besides its core duty, the Kandahar Regional Military Hospital also trains medical personnel. Faiq Amiri is one of the trainers, teaching nursing and medical classes. "In the last five years, close to 2,500 military students have graduated as nurses or doctors from this medical school,"Amiri said. "I am proud of my students who are now serving across the country and saving lives."


As one of the most modern medical facilities, the specially-trained staff are required to maintain the operational capability. One of four trained biomedical engineers is Lt. Engineer Mohammad Samim Shirzai. He received specialized training by the coalition forces in the maintenance of repairing and operating sophisticated technical instruments and machinery.

"We have a variety of modern machines and instruments," Lt. Shirzai explained. "Without training provided by our international partners it would be impossible to keep this hospital running on the high standards we have today."

The profound technical knowledge and excellent medical care is perceived very well amongst Afghan National Army members, risking their own health and safety in their heroic fight against the enemies of peace.

As the commanding officer of 205th Hero Corps, Brigadier General Dawood Shah Wafadar is particularly content. He explained to Sada-e-Azadi that one of his unit's most important credos is to take care of injured soldiers.

"We have one of the most modern hospitals prepared to treat my fellow soldiers from the 205th Hero Corps," Gen Wafadar said. "Every soldier who is serving the country can be assured that we will never leave them behind. If something happens to you; if you get hurt, we have an excellent hospital that will treat you until you recover."

Niaz Mohammad is an Afghan National Army soldier who was injured by a roadside bomb in Kandahar. Now he is at the end of his recovery and about to be released. He is waiting for the day to return to his unit. People might think that his desire would be to go back to his home and family. But Niaz Mohammad proudly said, "My family and my life is my country and I will serve my country as long as I am alive."