Sat, Oct

Locals praised ANDSF Operations


local-praised-andsf-1The Southern province of Uruzgan was once considered a Taliban stronghold, but not anymore.

The Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANDSF) now deny the insurgents access to these grounds. Uruzgan is no longer a safe haven for those insurgents whose sole purpose is to bring harm and destruction to the people of Afghanistan.

In a single massive operation conducted by the Afghan National Army (ANA) 205th Hero Corps, the clearing out of insurgents from all districts and the restoration of peace and security was successfully completed. In charge of the ANA in this part of the country is Brigadier General Dawood Sah Wafadar. He confirmed in an interview with Sada e Azadi that in cooperation with the rest of the ANDSF, the enemy's dream of returning to Uruzgan was destroyed.

Foundation for this success was a well-coordinated and executed security plan by the ANDSF. "We had a great plan to defeat the enemies of peace in Uruzgan," General Wafadar explained. The main effort of the plan focused on support of the people and the leveraging accurate intelligence to conduct effective clearing operations while keeping the civilian population safe.

As a commanding officer, he looks proudly on his servicemen and women. "Afghans are brave; therefore it will be impossible to destabilize Afghanistan," General Wafadar is convinced.

In addition to discussing the bravery of the security forces, the General also pointed out the importance of cooperation between the ANA and the local population. "The operation was a joint success," he said.


The people of Uruzgan confirmed the professionalism of the ANDSF, and they promised that they will continue to support the forces in the future.

One of the residents thankful for the actions of the ANDSF is Juma Gul Khan. He openly supported the ANDSF during the operation and is proud to talk about it. "The insurgents cowardly tried to use the homes of our people to attack the ANDSF heroes," he mentioned with disgust. "Thanks to Allah, no ANDSF member was hurt during the operation, but instead the insurgents were defeated and brought to justice."

This was only one example of the overwhelming people's support the ANDSF is receiving. People believe in a united and strong Afghanistan, an Afghanistan without the presence of the brutal insurgent groups.