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Honoured to serve the motherland


Sada-e- Azadi interviewed Hikmatullah Totakhail, who has served as a police officer in Khost province for the last six years. He is very proud of providing security to his people and making a positive impact on the economic situation of his family.

Sada-e- Azadi: Why did you join the Afghan National Police (ANP) forces?
Totakhail: There are several reasons why I joined the police forces. First, as a young man I felt responsible for serving our Islamic Government and protecting my country, it is our motherland. Secondly, I wanted to have a legitimate and respected job that allowed me to earn Halal income to support my family.

Sada-e- Azadi: Did anyone from your family or friends try to stop you or reject your efforts to join the ANP? Totakhail: To be honest, yes. In the beginning, some family members and friends were not in support of my decision, but their perceptions have changed over time. Now I know many young men from my village that joined the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the ANP; their families are happy. I know one of the reasons is earning enough income to support their families and make them happy. Parents and families also understand the value of the police work in providing security and protection to the people and the society.

Sada-e- Azadi: How much has your family's life improved?
Totakhail: I can feel and physically see a tangible change in my life and the life of my family. Thanks to God my family's economic situation has improved substantially, right now we have no problems. I have a good job and serve my country and people.

Sada-e- Azadi: How much have the security forces improved in terms of equipment and attitude?
Totakhail: From my point of view the Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANDSF) have made significant progress and developed as a powerful force. They are well-trained and have received modern equipment to include both heavy and light weapons. Day by day they the ANDSF are becoming stronger and more prepared to defeat the enemies of peace on the battlefield.

Sada-e- Azadi: What is your message to our readers?
Totakhail: I have a very clear message to all my countrymen. Do not be an obstacle to progress, do not create problems for your families; instead, become a source of inspiration, earn Halal income. Serve your society, your country and work for a better future for all Afghans in a prosperous Afghanistan.