Sat, Oct

President Ghani visits Logar and assesses general situation in that province



Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in a visit to Logar province this morning and through meetings with different groups, assessed the general situation in that province.

President Ghani first attended a security meeting in which a number of military officials briefed him on the security situation and the measures they have taken. The Police Chief of Logar said that the number of police officers in the province should be increased based on the needs. In the meeting, the commander of Public Order also spoke and said that the mobility of security and defense forces should increase. The NDS head of Logar province said that the enemy’s attempts have been foiled thanks to sound coordination and collaboration among all the security institutions.After listening to the remarks of the security officials, the President praised the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) and said that all those who serve in the ranks of ANSDF and have demonstrated courage should be commended. He directed the security officials to send the list of those who deserve to be commended to the office of the President.In his remarks, the President underscored that red tape should be cut from the recruitment process for ANSDF. He added that we support the families of martyrs and Ikramia pay will be issued to all the families of ANSDF martyrs.The President urged for further coordination and collaboration among security agencies and said that the collaboration must be enhanced even further between Logar and Kabul police departments in particular.President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani noted that all the district governorates should have administrative buildings and directed the respective officials in charge to prepare their needs assessment and send them to the relevant ministries.The President then met with the civilian government officials where heads of the courts, provincial council, people’s council, some senators, civil society representatives and women spoke about their problems in the province.They presented their issues and recommendations on providing security, preventing land grabbing, fighting mineral smuggling and creating job for women to the President.Having listened to their remarks, the President thanked all the groups for their participation in the meeting to present their issues and recommendations to him, and said that the people have the right to complain about their problems and that the government will strive to address their problems.Then, the President delivered his remarks in a gathering of the people of Logar province and said that the goal of my trip to the provinces is to closely assess the people’s problems; to that end, I try to visit all the provinces in the country and hear the people’s problems directly from themselves, and seek solutions together.The President said that the gap between the center and the provinces should be bridged and so we have decided that a number of the governors visit the capital every two weeks and attend the National Security Council and cabinet meetings.The President also underscored that I will try to be in constant contact with the 34 provinces of the country via video teleconference and control the situation.President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani added that despite the problems, the government endeavors to provide employment opportunities for the youth.The President said that there will be more focus on the agriculture sector; he added that those who have grabbed people’s lands will be fought and surrendered to the law. Concerning the issue in the contract of Aynak copper, the President said that this problem should be addressed through the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum as soon as possible.President Ghani said that the Kankur exam process in the current year will be different and more transparent than past years.Concerning peace, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that all of us should join hands to bring peace since today’s war has been imposed on us and those who are on the wrong way should change direction.The President reiterated that the price of the imposed war is high in Afghanistan and that if the war were not imposed on us, we would have alternatively utilized the resources to build  thousands of schools, universities and highways.