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3263 Rural Residents Gain Access to Necessary Facilities


road-construction-kabulWith a cost of more than 36 million and 546 thousand Afs 42 development projects of the National Solidarity Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (NSP/MRRD) were recently completed in various villages of Gardiz the provincial capital and Ahmad Abad, Ahmad Khel,
Samkanai, Dand-e-Patan, Sayed Karam, Laja Mangal and Mirzaka districts of Paktia province.

These projects include: construction of an irrigation canal (irrigating 40 acres farming lands), retaining wall 2052 meters in length, a bridge, four culverts, construction and gravelling of rural roads 2800 meters in length, excavation of 124 safe drinking water wells along with installation of hand pumps and construction of community centers.
Since its inception, the National Solidarity Program has been able to implement 2347 public utility projects across 1522 villages of Paktia province, whereas about 709 projects are underway.