Sat, Oct

Vocational Course for Women


vocational-training-for-women30 women completed a vocational training course in tailoring in Nad Ali district of Helmand province. The five-month course, funded by Japan, focused on tailoring and literacy, which enabled graduates to improve their economic opportunities.

Masoud Bakhtor, the deputy governor of Helmand, praised the international community for their continued economic development aid and assistance. "Over the past 12 years, they provide courses on multiple subjects, such as computer science, embroidery, and electronics," she said.
Malika, a graduate of the tailoring course said, "I wanted to be self-sufficient and sew clothes for my family. Thanks to Japan, I can work to provide for my family and my community."
She added, "Despite old challenges, things are changing for the better these days, and I am happy to have learned something. I hope to start a business in the future."
Shekiba, another graduate of the tailoring course said, "This was useful and important. Now I have a new skill after only five months of training. I am excited to sew our clothes, and I am sure this will help our family."
All 30 females who attended this course and completed it received a tailoring machine with supplies.
"Helping the family's economy is not only a man's responsibility but also the woman's. Women can contribute to improving the financial situation of families if they have practical skills and education," Shekiba concluded.