Thu, Oct

Displaced Families Received Aid


ANDSF-helping-poorsUnity in Afghanistan increases despite the divisions perpetrated by the enemies of our nation. The values of our people prove that no matter the behavior of the insurgents, Afghans will care for their people.

Two merchants, Haron Popal and Haji Hikmatullah Shadman, in conjunction with the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), provided food, oil and blankets to 200 families forced out of their homes.

Mohammad Omar, a resident of Chahi Anjir area of Nad Ali district, was thankful for the aid. He said, “Militants forced us out of our homes and brought despair, but our ANDSF protected and provided aid for us.  The enemies of our nation will never break the unity of our people.” 

Karimullah, from the Babaji area, condemned the Taliban attacks that forced him and his family to leave their home, animals and fields behind. “The government and the merchants provide for us, while the ANDSF stands a shield for their people. All people of Helmand stand side by side with the ANDSF and declare their support. The people who are terrorizing innocents and creating horrors have no place among us.”

Unity and solidarity with the needy as Afghan spirit will always overcome the actions of those militants who prey on the weak and poor during the cold winter months.