Tue, Oct

Campaign to End Violence against Women


ending-violence-against-womenThe Independent Commission of Human Rights recently celebrated International Day to End Violence against Women. Deputy Governor of Khost province, Abdul Wahid Patan hosted a large convention at the Governor’s house, with dozens of religious scholars, civil society activists and women in attendance.

During this convention, Khost Chief of Police said that his office would make serious efforts to prevent violence against women.

He also praised the efforts of the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Women’s Affairs for their tireless efforts.

Zarmina Shams, head of the Women’s Department in the Independent Commission of Human Rights, addressed the convention and praised the efforts of the volunteers, civil society activists and the security forces that prevent violence against women and raise awareness in this issue. “Our nation’s dedicated people working to protect women and education,” she said. “We must continue our efforts to prevent this crime and decrease these incidents in the future. I call on all people to report this crime to the police.”

Shams said the roots of these crimes take many forms, but awareness is crucial in prevention. “There are different reasons for this violence, like economic problems, illiteracy, unemployment and an overall lack of public awareness. However, events like today’s convention are important because it encourages everybody to have a responsibility to stop violence against women,” she explained.

Zuhra Jalal, a Provincial Council member, said addressing forced marriage could help in stopping this crime. “First, we need to recognize societal practices that may contribute to violence, for example if the dowry is very high or women are forced to marry an unknown man. Solutions to contributing factors can be resolved by the teachings of Islam, which will solve our problems.” Head of the Khost Women Affairs Department, Malali Wali, explained her office was implementing public awareness campaigns to aid women. “Our office is dedicated to solving the problems of women and we work tirelessly to provide projects to improve their livelihoods and prevent violence against them,” she said.

Despite challenges, it is important to remember that in the last 13 years Afghan women have made significant progress. Women are in the classrooms, they serve in our government and security forces and run successful businesses. It’s time to take action to prevent any violence against them.