Tue, Oct

More Youth Joined the Afghan National Police


more-youth-join-ANPKandahar, once known as a haven for terrorists, is now a living nightmare for those who perpetrate crimes against our family members. Today, terrorists will find no peace in Kandahar.

Brave generals leading heroic soldiers and police are cleansing Kandahar of the disease of terrorism. Shouldering this responsibility for our future are the youth who have experienced the fruits of development and are tired of its obstruction by terrorism.

The Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) recruiting centers are ready to stand with their brothers and sisters to defeat the enemies of our nation. Recently, in Kandahar 600 youth recently joined the police to put an end to terrorism.

The growing rejection of terrorists, who defame our religion, has never been stronger. Daoud, a young Kandahari waiting to take the ANP entrance exam was one of hundreds ready to make any sacrifice for his family, his nation and his religion. He said, “We have all learned the true teachings of Islam at the masjid. I spoke with my family and my elders, and they supported my decision. I was tired of seeing my religion disrespected.”

Daoud, like the 600 other youth joining the ANP, came of his own interest and sense of patriotism. Colonel Rahmatullah Atrafi, a Kandahar security official, said, “The common fighters in the insurgency must realize their destruction is assured. When hundreds of youth show up of their own volition to eradicate terrorism, the message is clear.”

Nisar, a resident of Zhari district, wants to shield the nation and our people from any enemy. “Now that I am old enough, no enemy will survive in peace once I complete my training. One day, we will be remembered as the generation who decided terrorism has no safe haven in Kandahar or Afghanistan,” Nisar said.