Sat, Oct

Insurgents' voilent act prevented


car-bomb-defusedThe insurgents' act of violence to kill innocents failed again when the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) recently seized and defused a car bomb in the outskirt of Lashkar Gah city.

A white Toyota Corolla packed with 250 kilograms of explosives was destined to detonate in Lashkar Gah city's crowded centre to kill as many innocent lives as possible.

Helmand Deputy Chief of Police, Colonel Almas Khan, praised the ANDSF's coordinated effort in protecting and saving many innocent Afghan lives. "Our National Directorate of Security (NDS) diligently acted on the information they received," the Colonel said. "The NDS coordinated with the other ANDSF partners seized the car in Liwanay Karam area out of Lashkar Gah city.

The insurgents had packed the vehicle in Nahr-e Saraj area a day before."

Colonel Abdul Karim of Helmand NDS thanked the True protectors of the Afghan people, the ANDSF, for preventing the innocents' bloodshed organized by the insurgents. "The ANDSF once again proved their professionalism and their ability in defeating the insurgent's disparate acts of violence against our people," Col. Abdul Karim said.