Thu, Oct

Completion of Projects brings joy to people


development-projectsThe National Solidarity Program (NSP) completed a number of community projects in Paktia province and handed them over to the delighted locals.

Residents in several districts of Paktia will benefit from the projects including micro power stations, bridges, and paved roads, community centres for Jirga meetings and other social activities, as well as irrigation systems.

According to the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) officials in Paktia, 438 projects funded by the International Community (IC) were completed in the province in the last six months, and another 143 are in the progress.

The MRRD Acting Provincial Director, Engineer Zabet Khan, is content with the timely completion of the projects. "106 projects finished ahead of the scheduled time; we had targeted only for 70," he said. "We appreciate the cooperation and the contribution of the people in implementing these projects."

Micro power stations brought significant changes to the lives of the residents of Ahmad Abad district.

Hajji Akbar, a local in Ahmad Abad expressed his excitement for having power supplied in his area. "For our people in this remote area electricity is the sign of a modern life," he told Sada e Azadi.

The NSP programs are designed to address the needs of the communities in consultation with the local elders and coordination with the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF).

A resident of Chamkanai district, Hajji Khan, praised the ANDSF for providing security for the projects implementation. "Our ANDSF heroes played a crucial role in the completion of the projects," said Hajji Khan. "With better roads in our area, we can travel easily and can transport our sick family members to a hospital in time—an important improvement in our daily lives."