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Security Forces Advance On Kandahar And Jawzjan

ana-operation-in-zabul-3Local officials said on Monday that security forces are advancing in southern Kandahar and northern Jawzjan provinces in ongoing military operations. They said more than 20 villages and a district have been cleared of insurgents in the two provinces.

Gen. Abdul Raziq, Kandahar Police Chief, says security forces launched a military operation in Ghorak district of the province in which more than 20 villages have been cleared of insurgents in the past two weeks.
"The operation will continue to clear all insurgents from the district and so far 22 Taliban insurgents have been killed and a number of them injured," Raziq said.
He ordered security forces to eliminate all insurgents in the district.
"I am ordering my colleagues to destroy the Taliban in Ghorak. Our colleagues were able to clear more than 20 villages in the ongoing military operation," he added.
Gen. Daoud Shah Wafadar, commander of 205 Atal Military Corps said the operation will continue to eliminate all insurgents.
"We have launched Shafaq military operation with the cooperation of other security organizations in the past two weeks and security forces have made good achievements," Wafadar said.
Meanwhile, tribal elders in Ghorak district have asked officials to provide security for the district.
Another tribal elder, Abdul Manan said "we want security forces to stay and not leave us alone and they should create military outposts for security of the district."
Raziq meanwhile also warned the Taliban to renounce violence or face destruction by the security forces.
This comes after security forces cleared insurgents from Aqcha district of Jawzjan in a military operation which is being led by First Vice President Gen. Abadul Rashid Dostum, local officials said Monday.
But residents in Aqcha expressed their concerns over the return of insurgents once Dostum leaves the area. They also called on government to create a military outpost for the security of the district.
President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said at a joint session in the National Assembly that security forces have launched 15 military operations in seven provinces to eliminate terrorists.
Ghani also said that the forces were able to launch 16,000 serious military operations in the past 13 months in different parts of the country.