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The 205th Corps’ Trained Heroes


Shaheen-205The Training Centre in the Afghan National Army (ANA) 205th Hero Corps in the southern Kandahar province is busier than ever training the new recruits. With

quality training and modern equipment, the rising number of recruits is building up a stronger ANA force.

In an interview with Sada e Azadi, the Chief of Staff at the ANA 205th Corps training center, Lt. Colonel Sayed Asfya Hajizada

explained that a well-structured training regime serves as a foundation for a competent soldier. "Sure, the new recruits have good morale when they join the ANA but, when they receive modern training, knowing how to use different weapons and learning combat skills; their

morale is further boosted," he continued. "They want to defeat the country's enemies of peace; they cannot wait to be deployed."

In addition to the military norms, the recruits are also receiving religious, moral, and literacy training during their six weeks at the centre. However, soldiers displaying potential will be trained to become mechanics, drivers, medics, Rangers, and team leaders.

"Many ANA recruits either have experience or a willingness to learn other skills available in the Army training centres. They will be trained further than six weeks," Lt. Col. Hajizada told Sada e Azadi. "They will be identified as

officers in the ANA, and the lifetime skills they acquire will help them in their civilian life when they retire from the army."

Most of the ANA trainers, who were trained by the international coalition forces, are masters in their fields with an in-depth understanding of the Afghan terrain and cultural issues. 

According to the master trainer in the training centre at the ANA 205th Hero Corps, Mohammad Rafi Khenjani, each training group consists of five instructors and one head teacher. "We have an interactive training

methodology which makes learning process very attractive to the recruits," Mr. Khenjani told Sada e Azadi. "I thank the international coalition forces who provided us with the modern training techniques which we deliver to our new recruits now."

International coalition forces will continue to support and train the Afghan National Security forces, especially in providing new technologies and equipment to improve


There are 1,200 recruits that are currently under training in the training centre at the ANA 205th Hero Corps.

Rahmatullah from Paktia province is one of the trainees in the centre who said that his family encouraged him to join the ANA. "I am delighted that I am part of the ANA where I learn lifetime skills and can serve my country and my people," he said. "I am waiting to complete my training and go on the mission to defend my country from the enemies of peace."