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Trained Police Officers to Serve Kandahar


Kandahar-ANP-graduationThe recent graduation of 487 highly trained police officers will boost confidence in maintaining the rule of law and civil order in Kandahar. High ranking officials including Major General Abdul Raziq, the Commander of the Afghan National Police (ANP) in Kandahar and Brigadier General Nasrullah Zarifi, the Commander of the Police Regional Training Centres, attended the graduation ceremony. 

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) continues to improve all aspects of life for the people of Afghanistan including the ongoing police training.

"These graduate police officers are trained to increase the professional behaviour amongst our forces in serving the people," Brig. Gen. Zarifi told the audience during the ceremony.

A pre-requisite for the six-month intensive ANP officers' training was a minimum of 12th-grade high school education.

Brig. Gen Zarifi continued, "They are trained and educated officers who understand that a good police force will win peoples' heart." 

People in Kandahar, including the community elders and religious scholars, understand and promote the dire need of a police force in the society.

Maj. Gen. Raziq told Sada e Azadi that he praised the tribal elders and the community leaders for encouraging their youth to join the ANP. "Our message to our people is that we bring in these trained ANP officers to your communities to change the police image," the General said. "We want to have no more complaints in the future."

 In his speech, Maj. Gen. Raziq told the graduates that they are the servants of the people and asked them to maintain the rule of law in the utmost professional manner. "We are not the masters of the people; we are their servants. They pay our salaries. It is our honour and duty to maintain peace, security and stability for our nation," he continued. "I want every one of you to know that the people are looking up to us for the safety of themselves and their families."

The international community's support in providing training and equipment is evident in the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces' (ANDSF) success in fighting the enemies of peace.

Maj. Gen. Raziq thanked the international community and communicated that Resolute Support (RS) provides outstanding assistance and the ANP will continue to stand against the enemy and defeat them.