Wed, Oct

Air Force Spanning Wings in South


KDR-ari-wingThe Kandahar Air Wing (KAW), the Afghan Air Force's southern wing played a vital role in the recent operations conducted by the Afghan National Defence and Security Force (ANDSF) to defeat the enemies of peace in the southern provinces of Helmand.

In most of the harsh Afghan terrain, large-scale clearing operations require frequent air support including air transportation and air combat. 

According to the Squadron Leader in the KAW, Colonel Fazli Ahmad, the air power adds to the ANDSF's superiority over the enemies of peace. "Our fleet of aircraft cover the entire Southern region to support the ANDSF on the ground," Col. Ahmad told Sada e Azadi. "All our air force personnel in the KAW firmly believe in supporting their ANDSF brothers on the ground as they are all fighting the right cause, protecting our people and defending our country," he continued.

As the international community continues to train and equip the ANDSF, and the Afghan Air Force (AAF) additional fighter planes such as the A-29 Super Tucanos, donated by the United States of America arriving, the defeat of the enemies of peace is imminent.

"The fixed –wing light attack aircraft, the Super Tucano, is designed to serve in Afghanistan's conditions. This will boost our air capability as the Super Tucanos already started their combat missions in the country," said Col. Ahmad. "We will for sure defeat the enemies of peace no matter where they hide. We will go after them."  

"Our message to the enemies of peace is clear, join the peace process as it is declared by our Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," Col. Ahmad said. "Otherwise, we are committed to defeating anyone that tries to terrorize our nation."