Sat, Oct

Helmand's Pula Bagh Power Project To Kick Off Soon


Pula-Bagh-DamOfficials from the Ministry of Energy and Water said work on designing the Pula Bagh power project in Helmand will kick off in the near future as they have finalized the budget for it.

The deputy minister of energy and water, Amanullah Ghalib, told TOLOnews that the dam will be built on Helmand River and will generate 90 megawatts (MW) of electricity.

"The Pula Bagh project is located near Kajaki Dam [in Helmand province], for which the budget has been finalized and its design will start in the near future. This project will generate 90MW power," he added.

According to the ministry, the Pula Bagh project is located 70 kilometers from Kajaki Dam.

Meanwhile, a number of analysts said that primary findings reveal that Helmand River has the capacity of nearly 10 hydropower projects and that government should consider this in its future plans.

They urged government to use local and international resources to control water resources and construct power and hydropower projects on them.

"When power is generated from a dam inside the country, it provides support to government and enhances its situation; therefore, it is better to consider this situation more than in the past," said Kabul University lecturer Sayed Massoud.

It is said that Afghanistan will turn into a big power exporter in the long run, once the planned power projects are completed.