Sat, Oct

Commander of Resolute Support met Kandahar elders


The Commander of the Resolute Support (RS) mission in Afghanistan General John W. Nicholson met with local religious scholars, community elders and representatives in a recent visit to Kandahar along with the Afghan Defence Minister, General Abdullah Habibi and other high-ranking officials.

Kandahar Governor Hamayon Azizi, who hosted the meeting, thanked the international community for providing training and equipment --the platform of successes-- for the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF). “Better security in Kandahar is an achievement of our hero forces. We know that the ANDSF’s ever-expanding capability is a result of professional training and modern equipment,” the governor told the guests.
As the ANDSF continue to defend the country and protect the nation, the Taliban are in further disarray with the death of their leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansur.
General Nicholson praised the Afghan nation including the people of Kandahar and said that their sons and daughters in the ANDSF are defeating the enemies of peace. “We are committed to assisting the Afghans to establish peace and stability in their country,” he told the audience.
“Mullah Mansur was killed because he was an obstacle to peace in Afghanistan and repeatedly rejected the call for negotiations.”
General Nicholson reiterated the importance of Kandahar as a key province in Afghanistan and told the community elders and representatives that peace and stability in Kandahar will have a positive impact on the rest of the country. “We closely monitor the progress in your region. I appreciate your support to your government and the ANDSF,” the General said.
Gen. Habibi, the Defence Minister, explained that in addition to the community’s support, the courage and the high morale in the ANDSF are evidently crushing the morale of the enemies of peace.
The religious scholars and the community elders at the meeting affirmed the solidarity of the nation behind the ANDSF, who are maintaining peace and stability for a prosperous Afghanistan.