Sun, Oct

Nine Key Taliban Commanders Killed During An Airstrike in Ghazni Province


During an airstrike launched by Afghan National Security Forces 59 armed Taliban including nine key Taliban commanders named Mullah Sahib Khan known as Saliman, Mullah Khair Mohammad intelligence officer for Aab Band, Qara Bagh and Muqar districts of Ghazni, Mullah Nasratullah known as Delawar, Mullah Nasim, Mullah Akmal, Mulavi Khalil military officer for Arghandab district of Zabul were killed and 35 others were wounded.

Swat helicopterThree Pakistani citizens were also among the killed, named Hafiz known as Jahangir who was responsible of IEDs facilitating and training, Kamran and Shokat Ali Khan.
After eliminating this group the security situation in this province is expected to improve.
The Ministry of Interior Affairs appreciates the Afghan National Security Forces operation to eliminate the terrorists’ sanctuaries, recognizing it as a good step toward improving the security and stability in Ghazni province.