Sun, Oct

Afghan youth have key role in supporting peace says expert panel


Young Afghans have an essential role in supporting peace in the country, according to panelists at a UNAMA-backed TV debate in southern Kandahar province.

More than 100 university students participated in the joint UNAMA-Hewad TV and Radio event, led by a four-person panel of academics from Kandahar University.
Panelists agreed that young Afghans can be a strong force for change when they work together in a harmonious way. In terms of peace, youth could play an important mediation role, including creating a dialogue with young people involved in activities that run counter to peace.
Hazrat Mir Totakhail, Kandahar University Dean and one of the panelists, said that Afghanistan is a young society, with close to 60 per cent of the population comprised of youth. As such, youth are an important force in the country’s future, including furthering peace.