Sun, Oct

Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and their international allies has thwarted an insurgent attack on Sangin district


Helmand Governor Hayatullah Hayat told reporters that a series of successful operations by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and their international allies has thwarted an insurgent attack on Sangin district, decimated the terrorists’ numbers and crippled their drug trafficking operations.

Taliban leaders may have hoped they would have cause for celebration this week after staging a high-profile takeover attempt in Sangin, but they couldn’t have been more wrong, Hayat explained in a recent interview.
The ANDSF not only quickly repulsed the Taliban attack in Sangin, it followed up with air strikes over insurgent hideouts between Hazaragan and Noor Mohammad Khan villages in Nad Ali district, where 14 more Taliban criminals were killed and four injured.
If those embarrassing losses weren’t demoralizing enough for the Taliban, the 444 Special Forces Unit told Sada-e Azadi magazine a night raid in Now Zad district resulted in the destruction of several heroine and homemade explosives factories, undermining the insurgent group’s ability to generate revenue and stage future attacks.
Local residents in Helmand applauded the ANDSF successes this week.
A resident of Nad Ali district, Mohammad Karim, told Sada-e Azadi: “The Taliban try to destroy the lives of innocent people, block our roads, make explosives and prevent children from going to school and getting an education. This is shameful behavior. I ask my God to eliminate the Taliban.”
Helmand Chief of Police General Aqanor Kintoz urged local people to play their part in preventing future Taliban activities. He said: “I kindly ask the people of Helmand to stand side-by-side with their ANDSF protectors and give us information about any suspicious activities they see.”