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Afghan Air Force engineers are well-trained professionals


The Afghan Air Force, comprised of many brave personnel in various roles, from engineers to pilots, is supporting our ground troops to bring security and stability to our country. This professional team has taken the training they receive from coalition forces and applied it in maintaining their own equipment and continuing to build a self-sufficient force.





Our people have diligently embarked upon a daily journey to enable our nation to stand on its own feet. With the support from our international partners, the Afghan Air Force (AAF) is now staffed by groups of well-trained aircraft engineers, able to maintain AAF equipment and perform maintenance with their NATO advisors, positively demonstrates continued advancement towards self-sufficiency. AAF head of engineering section, Colonel Muneer, explained tangible and observable results from the international partnership with NATO are apparent when his section performs its duties. Col. Muneer said, “Each day we are learning from our NATO partners and performing new engineering techniques to maintain our helicopters aircraft. We can change important parts and machinery to sustain operations by the Kandahar Air Wing. In the past, it was impossible. Today, it’s a reality. Our country should be proud to know Afghan engineers are maintaining Afghan Air Force equipment.”

Col. Nasim said that after every flight, AAF engineers are checking their helicopters engineers and according to him that is just the beginning. “We’ve done more than 1500 hours of testing, meaning we are standing on our own feet. I know establishing a new army and building a new Afghan Air Force wasn’t easy, but I really thank the international community for all their efforts. We hope to continue the close partnership so our engineers can continue to receive training by our international advisors. From my young engineers, I see great potential for their ability to become great engineers in the future.” Zahid is a young AAF engineer working at the Kandahar Air Wing and said he and his colleagues are hungry to continue their advanced education in partnership with the NATO countries. “No one can deny the huge impact and positive ways the international community has changed our country, not just with regards to military, but in all fields. We hope to continue our training with them so we can be better able to maintain our aircraft.” The Afghan Air Force, comprised of many brave personnel all with vital roles, from engineers to pilots, each member of our AAF is supporting our ground troops to bring security and stability to our country. In just a few short years, the AAF has become a reality and whether its bombing militant positions or delivering Commandos during raids, this enhanced capability will only become stronger and be able to strike deeper at the heart of those threatening our people and our nation.