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Qalat city to Get New Park


Zabul official says construction of a new park for residents of Qalat city is going on and the city will get a modern and luxurious picnic site in the Mirwais Mina area of Qalat city very soon.

ZBL Park

Qalat Mayor Karimullah Hakimi says this project is the first such project in Qalat city and it will facilitate picnics and provide a relaxing place for youths and other residents.

He said the project was started a few months ago and several parts of the park are completed and will be inaugurated soon.

23 year old Ahmadullah, a Qalat resident, said the people are very happy about it:

“We appreciate the effort of the Afghan government and Qalat municipality to launch this great public development. This is for the happiness and the needs of people and we support our government and thank them.”