Fri, Oct

Four years strategic plan will solve the problems within ANA


The acting Defense Minister of Afghanistan, General Tariq Shah Bahrami said that they are working on a four years strategic plan which will solve all the problems of Afghan National Army and that it will increase the equipment level of the Afghan National Army.

Welcome to the Defense minister along with NDS chief 2

The acting Minister of Defense said that in his recent visit to Kandahar 205 Atal corps, along with the head of NDS Masum Stanakzai, they oversaw the security of this province and appreciated the Afghan National Army for their bravery against the enemies.

The acting Defense Minister of Afghanistan said that a good Atal Corps is the one where the corruption got decreased and did well against the enemies. He said that there is fighting in 33 provinces of Afghanistan and there are nine provinces where there is intense fighting and ANA is standing against the enemies with strong moral and defeating them in every battle. The acting Minister said that they are working on four years plan which is quite important for the future of the ANA in Afghanistan and according to him that plan will solve all the problems of the Afghan National Army.

The Acting Minister of Defense added, “fighting is not easy and it needs big heart and I am proud to say that our Afghan National Army is one of the strongest army in the world because our army is fighting against the international terrorists with low level equipment but high level of morale. All Afghanistan is looking at the ANA and they are proud of them. Thus, the army should protect their country from every enemy that is dreaming to take the control of this country and destroy it again.”

Kandahar governor General Zulmai Wesa asked the acting Minister of the defense to hire professional commanders in 205 Atal Corps and increase the authorities of the Atal Corps’ commanders so they can take better role in fighting against the enemies. He said that the Afghan National Army is fighting with international terrorist with less equipment and still defeating them. This is really significant and Afghans will never forget this service of the ANA.

General Wesa added, “If there is peace in Kandahar or some other provinces so that’s because of our security forces. These are the security forces that are fighting day and night to defeat the enemies of Afghanistan so the people in cities and districts live in peace and spend their daily life in peace. I want from the defense ministry to increase the authority of the commanders of the provinces so they can take big decisions on time and defeat the enemies on their places.”