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TAPI, the project of hope


The Afghan government is providing jobs for the local people in the places where they implement the TAPI project.

The deputy minister of Mines and p

The officials say that the people of Afghanistan should help the government in implementing the project in every part of the country. They say that there are many long-term projects which will bring development to Afghanistan and one of those projects is TAPI.

The deputy minister of Mines and Petroleum, Javid Sadat came to Kandahar along with some other officials and they met with the officials and local people of Kandahar. He said that TAPI is one of the most important projects in Afghanistan now and soon the work to this project will start. He asked the local people of the areas the pipeline is passing thru, to help the Afghan government and to come with ideas on how they can improve the implementation of the project.

Deputy Minister Mr. Sadat said: “We are here for the awareness of the importance of this project and in brief I can say that this project will make us all happy and we can solve many problems after implementing the project in our country. Soon we are going to start its work and we are willing to hear from the people of Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Nimroz and Herat because these are the provinces where this pipeline will pass thru. Economically this project is good for whole Afghanistan but specially for the aforementioned provinces.”

Haji Mohammad

The deputy of Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industries, Mr. Younas Momand said to Sada-e-Azadi that people should be aware of the importance of this project and they have to help the government in implementing it. He said that it will be beneficial for all Afghanistan’s economy especially those provinces this pipeline is going to pass will have higher benefits. Mr. Momand says that it is important for Afghanistan to stand on its feet and this project can be the start for that.

The Kandahar governor, General Zulmai Wesa, said that before implementing the TAPI project, the people of the areas concerned will be listened and their ideas on implementation of the project will be considered. Governor also said that he will ask the officials of TAPI to hire local people to work on the project. Mr. Wesa asked the people to help the government and provide as much assistance as possible.

The Leaders from the six districts of Kandahar asked the government to give priority to the local people in working in this project. They say that people will protect the pipeline and they will work on it together with the government. They promised that they will stand with the government in all these kind of projects.

The Afghan government is looking to implement many long-term projects which will bring prosperity and will allow Afghanistan to stand on its own feet.