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Taliban have seriously been defeated in Nawah and Gereshk districts


The Helmand governor “Hayatullah Hayat” said the Taliban have been seriously defeated by the Afghan National Security Forces in Gereshk and Nawah districts of Helmand province. The recent Taliban attacks over the ANSF checkpoints in Gereshk, using several motor bombs, were completely neutralized by the ANSF Hayat added.

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The cooperation between US air force and ANSF was another important thing that caused Taliban defeat Governor said. He added that Taliban do not have the ability to fight face to face with ANSF nowadays. On Sunday, the Helmand governor visited the ANSF in Nawah district and appreciated them for their hard working.

Colonel Esmat Feroz the commander of 170-NDS in Lashkar Gah assured the people of Helmand that they will clear Taliban from Nawah district. He said that his men are always ready for serving the people of Helmand. Taliban conducted several attacks in different places of Helmand but the ANSF pushed them back and killed many he said. He stated that Special Forces are one of the best in the region and that they have different high level fighting equipment and weapons.

Haji Atiqullah the head of Nawah district council said Taliban did their best to take the control of Nawah and some other places again but the ANSF did not allow them. The people of Helmand will always be beside their security forces and they wish to have a peaceful life in Helmand he added.

Haji Wali Jaan one of the Gereshk residents said once the people of Gereshk were worried by Taliban’ attacks but the ANSF efforts and braveries showed that locals should not be worry as long as the ANSF fight against Taliban. The people of Gereshk trust their forces more than ever because they are a qualified professional force. They showed that they are great and can gun down the insurgents he said.