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Afghan president appreciated the US strategy for Afghanistan


The Afghan president appreciated the US strategy for Afghanistan. He said that the decision of the US is in benefit of Afghanistan and US is committed to support the Afghan forces until they are ready to stand on their own feet. Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani mentioned all this in Kandahar in his recent visit and he promised the people of Kandahar better days for Afghanistan and for Kandahar.

Kandahar Governor General Zulmai Wesa giving his speech


Kandahar governor, General Zulmai Wesa offered insights about his achievements and the needs of the people of Kandahar. He said: “there is good security in Kandahar but there are some problems in some areas where there should be some changes. ANA should be well equipped so they can fight against the terrorists in every corner of the southern zone and ensure a peaceful life to the people that are living in the remote districts of the province.

Gul Agha Shairzai, the minister of rural and tribal affairs said that the Afghan government gives priority to peace talks and empower the tribal people to step forward and help the government in the peace process. Minister Shairzai told the president that people of Kandahar are always supporting the government and they will be ready to support their government on any occasion.

The provincial council head, tribe leaders, youths and women asked the president to bring some positive changes in Kandahar’s education and clear the administration of corruption. They asked the president to help the youths of Kandahar in finding jobs and allow them to take part in government. They mentioned about the electricity which was a serious problem in the last 16 years and it still continues to be. Women of Kandahar complained about Kandahar’ prison where there are problems due to the lack of proper facilities.

Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani promised the people of Kandahar to fight to solve all their problems and many others. He said that 476 million dollars are approved for the electricity in Kandahar and this issue will be solved soon. President also added that they work on the solar power for the city so Kandahar gets more power as soon as possible.

Afghan president also asked the Taliban to come back home and join the peace process. He mentioned that we all want good relations with all our neighbors. President also prayed for the martyred soldiers in Kandahar 205 Hero corps. 

Afghan president praised some security officials and asked the people of Kandahar to support their government. President Ghani said that we have US’s strong support against the enemies but he asked the people to support the government and help security forces every time a single suspicious thing is happening in any area.