Tue, Oct

Dahla Dam to power Kandahar City


Dahla Dam, after completion in nine moths, will supply 10MW of electricity to Kandahar City.For the first time in decades, Kandahar province electricity officials are going to make electricity for Kandahar city from the Dahla dam. According to officials, fixing the turbines will take nine months, but after they are repaired, they will produce electricity for many years to come.

In Kandahar, people are happy about this project. They wanted the provincial administration to spend money on projects which the people need, and to minimise spending on projects that do not benefit the public.
Engineer Sayad Rasul, who was surveying the Dahla Dam said, “This project is very important for electricity in Kandahar City. We are going to have 10 small turbines, which will be able to produce 10MW of electricity in another nine months.”

Engineer Rasul wanted investors from Kandahar to invest in this project, which he considers very important for Kandahar, because it will ensure that Kandahar City has electricity for years to come.
The project has created employment opportunities for the residents of Kandahar.Abdul Qawi, a resident of Kandahar City said, “We spend a lot of time dealing with problems, but I think now the dark cloud is going away and the sunlight is rising in Kandahar. Now we have good security and the next important need after security is electricity, which is also going to be made for us. I am very happy with the government and want them to not stop these kinds of projects because Kandahar City really needs work. We had only two problems, security and electricity.”

Haji Hasham, a trader in Kandahar, says that he is happy because he has been waiting for electricity. When it is available, he is going to make a big factory in Kandahar. Factories need electricity and he believes that people are there who are waiting for the chance to build and work in factories. This will improve the economy and will make good opportunities for jobs for the people.

“If the government is going to make electricity in Kandahar City, I promise that I will make a factory and also I know many people who will start big things in Kandahar,” said Hasham.

This new step in the development and growth of Kandahar brings many hopes of a bright future. It lets people think positive thoughts about the future of Afghanistan.