Fri, Oct

Nearly two and half decades ago, Russian forces were fighting Mujahideen and each hid landmines to destroy each other. Many of those mines are still there, and the Taliban have planted more mines since then, leaving a risk to innocent lives all over Afghanistan. Today, these mines are being cleared with the help of international support.

Zabul official says construction of a new park for residents of Qalat city is going on and the city will get a modern and luxurious picnic site in the Mirwais Mina area of Qalat city very soon.

The commander of 5th ANCOP brigade (Gen-Khalilurrahman Jawad) said on Monday 5th jun.17 the Afghan national security forces are struggling to maintain peace and security for the locals in Helmand province.

The Afghan Air Force, comprised of many brave personnel in various roles, from engineers to pilots, is supporting our ground troops to bring security and stability to our country. This professional team has taken the training they receive from coalition forces and applied it in maintaining their own equipment and continuing to build a self-sufficient force.

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