Sun, Oct

Herat ready for elections run off


Herat-ready-for-runoff-electionOfficials of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Herat announced their readiness for the second round of the elections. Logistic Affairs Teams are currently working to resolve challenges faced during the first round of voting in order to make sure there are enough ballot papers for all voters.

The IEC also deployed Public Awareness and Encouragement Teams to very rural village and district.
Doctor Dawood Sediqzad, head of the Herat IEC, explained the aim of deploying these different teams was to address concerns raised during the first round of elections and to improve the electoral process. He praised the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) for their valiant efforts in securing the first round of the elections and promised the IEC teams would cooperate with the ANSF. “In total, 433 voting centres will be open for the second round of elections so that people can participate without fear because their vote is their future,” he said.
Mohammad Nahim, a voter from Injil District is very pleased to see that the IEC proactively developed Public Awareness Teams. “There are some uneducated people who are not aware of their rights and don’t understand the value of their vote. It is very important that everyone should vote in the next round of elections because our vote will determine our future,” Mohammad Nahim said.
Colonel Ahmadi, spokesman of the Herat ANP was pleased to announce their readiness to support the IEC and to provide security for the voters in the elections run off. “We already have our plans ready, and have our equipment prepared for the election's security. We know that cooperation between the security forces and the people is the key to security. I appreciate the IEC’s efforts in the public awareness campaign; because people will understand that security, cooperation and voting go hand-in-hand,” the Colonel said.