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Decision for peace


Herat-reintegration-2Herat Provincial Peace Committee encourages insurgents to stop fighting for a peaceful life with the help of the committee.

The latest group of insurgents that delivered their weapons and joined the Peace Program was the Zokam Khan Group from Koshk-e Robat Sangi District. This group of 11 members said they were pleased to be home and would focus on convincing others to lay down their weapons.
Mawlawi Ghollam Sarwar, head of Herat Provincial Peace Committee, has led the effort to bring in more than 300 insurgents to peace. Mawlawi Sarwar said, “Fortunately, it seems that the insugents learned about the reality of the government’s commitment to support them and chose to improve their lives. There are negotiations with many others to join the Peace Program in the near future.”
Mullah Jandad Hakimi from Koshk-e Robat Sangi District, one of the insurgents who joined peace was very pleased to deliver his weapons and said the hard life urged him to come home. Herat-reintegration-1
“In the mountains we suffered from a hard life. We suffered from heat, cold and lack of enough food, but not going home damaged our minds. We made many mistakes, including losing men to our own planted mines that we thought would target the government forces, but we failed and in the end we killed too many of our own.”
Eventually, mullah Hakimi realized “we made no progress and questioned why we suffered such hardship. Thankfully, the elders and mullahs of Koshk-e Robat Sangi talked and helped us to make a decision of living in peace. I’m very thankful for their assistance to us, and I promise to work in the service of my people.”
Since the establishment of Provincial Peace Committee in Herat, more than 2000 insurgents joined the peace process.