Sun, Oct

Security improvements evaluated


ALP-solidersAn Afghan Local Police (ALP) Summit was held at Herat Police Headquarters to discuss the ALP’s role in providing security across the province and suggest improvements. The summit brought together government officials and security officials, including the Herat Provincial Governor, ANSF Generals, and ALP commanders.

General Abdul Hamid Hamidi, the Deputy General of the ALP, opened the summit aimed further professionalization of the ALP.  “Our main goal today is to exchange ideas about ALP challenges and opportunities.  We are committed to bringing security to even the farthest districts of our country.”
General Mohammad Salem Ehsas, Afghanistan’s top police commander, told attendees the ALP were a critical component in the security apparatus. General Ehsas said, “Increasing ALP throughout the rural areas is really needed because they are an integral part of the overall ANSF security effort. They are working shoulder to shoulder with other security forces.”
“Our Local Police are achieving great results in some of the most dangerous areas of the country. People have recognized and praised their contribution to improved security and are very grateful to have them in their communities.”
Mohammad Dawood is an ALP commander from Obeh district of Herat province who described how ALP vastly improved the security situation and won the people’s trust.  “After establishing ALP in our district, the security situation improved, our people are enjoying a peaceful life and we are seeing security and prosperity. Now, our people are very happy and this motivates us to continue our public service. We as ALP are also very happy because now people see we are caring for their needs and they are really supporting, cooperating and informing us about any suspicious person or activity in our district.  Our people trust us because we were chosen by them and we are honored to serve.”
Mawlawi Sayed Ahmad Akhond Zada, Ulema Shura representative in the West Zone, praised the ALP for their service to the community as outlined by Holy Quran. “The ALP are very brave and very effective at providing security because they are chosen from the people in the district to defend their village against all enemies. Our Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said, ‘Anyone who serves in the way of Islam for the comfort and welfare of their people, they work for easement of Islam, and if he is killed by the enemy, then he becomes a martyr and Allah promises Heaven for them.’”
At 20 years old, Tajodin is the youngest member in Obeh district’s ALP. His motivation to serve is founded in providing a safe environment for his peers. “I am working very hard because I want my country to be a safe place for youth to study, so they can bring development and build a strong economy that helps all our people.”
The ALP are at the forefront of protecting the nation and with over 30,000 members nationwide. District by district, village by village, and shoulder to shoulder with their ANSF brothers, the ability of insurgents to commit violence against innocent people continues to suffer a crushing defeat.