Tue, Jul

Science Center opens in Herat


Science-centreStudents at Sultan High School in Herat now have advanced opportunities to learn practical science at the new Science Center, which was inaugurated next to the school. The project was funded by the Development Project of Ministry of Education and by the parents of the students.

The center provides equipment and other material for practical studying in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology.  Allowing students to implement their knowledge in practice has improved learning compared to using theoretical lessons alone.  This teaching style is being embraced in countries throughout the world.
“Practical studying helps the learning process. Students remember the theory more easily if they get a chance to implement the information in practical projects.  The center is very well received by the students and we can already see the results in the improved exams marks,” said Hafiz Herawi, the head of Sultan High School.
The students have several projects ongoing including studies on improving cooling systems, crop cultivation, controlling energy consumption and examining chicken births.
“I believe that the Science Center activates student’s minds, encourages learning and wakes up their curiosity. This is far from passive learning, everyone is able to participate in the projects,” said Sayed Abdul Qadir, the head of the Science Center.
Mohammad Sohrab Koshan is an 11th grade student at Sultan High School and has become more interested in science since the center’s opening.
“We have been learning at a whole new level. This is a great step in education development in Herat province and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to use this facility.”
The center can teach around 150 students at a time and is part of an addition to Herat Sultan High School that includes a new sport facility, self-studying park and library.