Tue, Jul

Herat's Salma Dam Project Complete


salma-damAfghan Water and Energy Minister Eng. Ali Ahmad Osmani said on Thursday that the Salma Dam construction project is complete and that the dam is already 40 percent full.

According to officials Salma Dam water storage work began five months ago and currently 40 percent is full. The water collection process will stop once the dam is about 100 percent full.

Osmani said that the construction process has been completed and by next year the water supply from Salma Dam will change agriculture in Herat province. He said from next year the twin-turbine dam will also be able to start supplying electricity.

"The construction process is completed and next year [the dam will] practically begin to work. Two turbines have been installed and one other turbine will be installed soon," said Osmani.

According to officials, over the next six months, about 640 million cubic liters of water will be stored in the dam and that water will irrigate 80,000 hectares of land in Herat province.

"This project is one of the most important projects for the people of Herat in the next year and with utilization of this dam the face of Herat districts will be changed," said provincial council member Sayed Azim Kabarzani.

Meanwhile security officials from Salma Dam blame neighboring countries for destabilizing the area. They say neighbors are trying to stop the dam from being used.

"About 20 days ago our forces stopped a vehicle in which 24 satellite phones, a sack of explosives and two sets of Iranian Revolutionary Guards uniforms were founded. If the Iranians do not have enmity with us then why are they sending these thing to us," said Salma Dam security commander Wali Mohammad Rashidi.