Sun, Jul

Completion of Uplift Projects in Farah


FarahThe 14 sub projects completed in the provincial capital and Qala-I-Kah, Anar Dara, Gulistan, and Pur Chaman districts of Farah province will enable approximately 3,427 rural families to have access to basic services.

These projects include: repairing and gravelling of 7-km rural roads, construction of 13 culverts, construction of 1372-m retaining wall, 445-m protection wall, 109 meters irrigation canal, rehabilitation of kariz (underground canal) and excavation of 20 safe drinking water wells along with installation of hand pumps.

The projects have been completed through the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) at a cost of AFN 23 million and 561 thousand.