Sun, Oct

More than 200 youths register to join AAF in West of Afghanistan


ANA Recruitment Command’s officials have announced that 210 eligible youths registered themselves to join Afghan Air Forces.


According to Head of Recruitment Center, General Mohammad Nader Azimi, 210 new registered youths will be sent to capital Kabul for taking exams in order to join Afghan Air Forces. 

Among 210 registered youths, 145 of them are from Herat the remaining are from Farah, Ghor and Badghis provinces, he added.

If the 210 youths join the AAF shortage of personnel will be resolved, Mr. Azimi added. 

According to him, Resolute Support Mission in cooperation with ANSDF will train and equip Afghan Air Forces.

By joining air forces, the youths want to serve their country and people, he added.

Youths are committed to bring security and peace to their country by joining ANDSF. The newly registered youths are calling upon others to join security forces, to preserve and to defend Afghanistan national interest.

It worth mentioning that since spring 720 people have joined ANA in West and they were sent to Western provinces for maintaining security and stability.