Sun, Jul

2014 critical to Afghanistan’s future; Daudzai


Omar Daudzai

The minister of interior on Wednesday called 2014 a crucial year to Afghanistan’s future as the security transition process continued on a satisfactory note.

Daudzai was speaking at a ceremony for 500 police officers who received professional trainings in Turkey.
Daudzai said the Afghans would take complete charge of their security during the current year, a milestone for the countrymen and their security forces.
He added: “After completion of the security transition process, we will have the real ownership of our country and decision-making. We will be authorised to run government affairs ourselves.”

Daudzai rejected as baseless concerns that Afghanistan would slide into civil war after 2014, saying everyone knew the country was progressing and Afghan forces had become capable of defending their motherland.
Afghan forces were fully prepared to maintain security across the country, he insisted, saying the United Nations (UN) had asked for contributing 300 police officers to its peacekeeping force.

Calling the graduation of 500 police officers a positive step, he urged them to prioritise the anti-corruption drive, win the nation’s trust and discharge their responsibilities efficiently.