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Making peace among tribes


According to Minister Khpalwak, people’s participation will ensure transparent elections.Headed by Dr Mohammad Akram Khpalwak, the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs is one of the oldest in Afghanistan. It promotes national unity among Afghan tribes, establishes writ of the government in border areas, and maintains social, cultural and political relations with the tribes living across the Durand Line.

Over the last decade, the ministry has been active in the socio-economic development of the border areas by making peace among different tribes and providing employment and education opportunities in far-flung areas of the country.
“We have been solving disputes between tribes. In the education sector, we have enrolled 5,000 students in schools in remote areas. We also coordinate with the tribal councils, elders and mullahs in order to seek their help for a peaceful political transition,” Dr Khpalwak, the Minister for Borders and Tribal Affairs, told Radio Bayan.

The minister said that under the constitution, all tribes in the country belong to one Afghan nation. He condemned the enemies of Afghanistan who try to make divisions between Afghans and sabotage national unity.
Highlighting the role of the tribal elders and religious leaders, he said that because of their influence on the people they have helped in bringing peace and security in their areas.
“The president has ordered security forces to protect these elders; the Afghan Local Police were formed to protect elders and improve security in their areas,” he said.

Minister Khpalwak said that Afghanistan is successfully heading towards a peaceful political and security transition. The government is committed to holding fair and transparent elections; and the Afghan National Security Forces are fully prepared to provide security during the upcoming elections and beyond.

His message to all eligible Afghans is: Cast your vote for your own future. “I ask the people to be strong and take part in the elections. The more people vote, the more transparent the process will be,” he said.