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Sustainable vegetable production system


vegtableMinister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock chaired meeting on Development & Implementation of a sustainable vegetable production system in Afghanistan, at his office, on Saturday, 18 January.

The meeting discussed the project proposal developed by the Agriculture Research Institute of Afghanistan (ARIA) based on MAIL’s request.
The project proposal was developed under the name of Development & Implementation of a sustainable vegetable production system in Afghanistan, and presented to the meeting, for further enrichment and approval.

The project will be implemented in Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh, Heart, Kunduz, Laghman, Baghlan, and Helmand provinces through ARIA Horticulture Department with the vision of; to bring the improvement in production, productivity, and profitability in vegetables cultivation, their marketing and utilization for improved economic livelihood and nutritional security in Afghanistan.

In the global Endeavour for food and nutritional security, the diversity of vegetable crops and their nutritional value are of special significance. Beside this, vegetables are usually higher in productivity, have shorter maturity cycle, high value and provide a valuable source of income, leading to improved livelihood.

The main focus of the project on research-able areas to achieve the vision will be:

-Development of improved vegetable cultivars by adopting innovative techniques in crop improvement;
-Conservation and utilization of diverse genetic resources in vegetable research at National and International level;
-Establishment of a farmer’s friendly quality seed production and marketing system;
-Increasing the productivity and profitability in vegetables cultivation adopting integrated crop production and protection management technologies;
-Productivity enhancement through better input management;
-New market oriented technologies for secondary agriculture and value addition;
-Effective transfer of technologies to the target groups;
-Woman empowerment and eradication of poverty at village level.

Source: MAIL