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During the first fall of Kunduz province to the Taliban, local residents lost everything including Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Kunduz hospital which was completely eliminated in an air strike and at least 50 patients and Doctors were killed and injured.

MSF Hospital Reopened

HIV is a lethal and defamed illness and also the HAV, HBV; HBS are the diseases from which thousands of Afghans are suffered and often this diseases result of death in villages and towns.  

Maternal and infant mortality rates have greatly decreased in Kunduz, thanks to healthcare improvements and increased public awareness around the province.

KDZ Hospital


Mortality rates of mothers dropped approximately 80 percent this year, according to Kunduz officials. In fact, there have been no recorded maternal deaths in the Kunduz regional hospital this year.

The decrease is mainly due to GIRoA’s establishment of health centers in remote areas, improvement of communication and transportation services, and better access between villages and district centers. Additionally, government efforts to educate expectant mothers on risks also played a crucial role in reducing the number of deaths.

Dr. Naeem Mangal, the Kunduz Regional Hospital director, said not only has the maternal mortality rate dropped, but the infant mortality rate has also declined in the last couple of years in the province, thanks to an increase in the number of public health workers. Dr. Mangal predicted that infant mortality rates could reach zero percent soon.

Members of the provincial council recently visited Kunduz’s regional hospital and noted their satisfaction with the facilities. The council members said the improvements were a good move by the health sector of Kunduz.

Kunduz residents also acknowledged the improvements to health facilities and said that access to such centers has been made easier.

مادران افغان به ملت شان زندگى جديد را ميبخشند و در حال حاضر به خدمات صحى بهتر دسترسى دارند، با سپاس از سرمايه گذارى نيروهاى ائتلاف در شفاخانه زنان در کابل. 

After two years of professional education 48 midwives and nurses got graduation and presented to the community for the service. And will be deployed for jobs in different districts of Khost. And uniquely the rate of mortality will be reduced to the lower level.

Anti-polio vaccination program has started in southern Nimroz province yesterday.

The largest saffron processing center opened in Herat province. In addition to the processing and packaging of saffron, the center has created job opportunities for more than 700 women.  

With the opening of the door of the largest fresh fruit juice factory and dried fruit processing in the country, people's hopes doors have been opened, especially residents of Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir and districts of northern Kabul (Kohdaman). 

The southern Kandahar, Uruzgan, and Helmand provinces will get new pistachio fields as efforts are underway to create an alternative for the Afghan farmers who are currently busy planting narcotics.

With the proper air for cultivating various products, Helmand has been helping farmers grow and harvest crops throughout the year.  Now, in Helmand, Helmand is the second season of collecting agricultural products, most of which are ghee, livestock, peanuts, or mumble, beans, etc. Products that farmers receive in the second half of the year.

Agriculture is the greatest source of food, employment and income generation in which most people are engaged in Afghanistan. Agriculture sector has been improving remarkably nationwide by efforts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

Nangarhar Agriculture Developement

NATO troops donated several motorcycles and office equipment to the Herat Department of Agriculture. The donations include 10 motorbikes, 15 seats 15 table stands, 15 laptops and 3 printers.

RS aid with Herat Agriculture

Malalai Mubariz Ahmadi has opened a women’s coffee shop in Sheberghan City, Jowzjan province. The community space employs five local women and invites numerous clients throughout the day, including students and local professionals.

It is early in the morning, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, the fresh wind blow up, the people are walking on side of the road and shopkeepers are opening their shops, but Bismillah Ahmadi is busy with work.  

Afghan citizens, with their Extensive presence in the election, have proven their credibility and adherence to the democratic system once again. Herat in western Afghanistan is one of the provinces, that the residents with widespread presence in the polls, have taken another step forwards towards democratic system and they consciously used their right to determine the country's political destiny for the next five years.

Hundreds of civilians, tribal leaders, religious scholars and women were gathered in Helmand, thy said, the hope for peace in Afghanistan has increased, because all the world's Islamic countries support from peace in Afghanistan and they have condemned the ongoing war.

Dozens of People's Representatives in the Fifteen District of Herat city expressed their support for the cease-fire and peace-making in Afghanistan, calling on the Taliban to stop fighting and violence and prepare conditions for the implementation of reconstruction projects.

General Helmand Governor Mohammad Yassin Khan visits various parts of Kajaki Bay, also assesses the water and electricity situation in the Kajaki district, told reporters that Helmand people are keen to take full advantage of Helmand's water use and irrigation.

For the first time in history, through the Lapis Lazuli land corridor, an Afghan company has begun exporting fully processed talc powder to Jordan. Prior to this achievement, there was not a facility to process the mineral and Afghanistan was exporting its total unprocessed talc stones only to neighboring countries. The Core Drillers Inc. (CDI) in Shaikh Mesri, Nangarhar has exported 76 tons of fully processed talc worth more than $20,000/1,489,000 AFG to Jordan.

Air corridor between Balkh and Europe cities has been officially launched today.

Engineer Abdul Baqi Bena, Deputy Head of the Chamber of Commerce of Kandahar, says that this year, export of pomegranates and grapes has been satisfactory so far.

Officials at the Agriculture Department in Herat Province say, 70 tons of honey has been produced in the last year and they expect to obtain 100 tons in the current year.

Today, the European Union (EU) informed government about its decision to disburse € 98 million to support Afghanistan in carrying out reforms to finalize and operationalize its development policies (ANPDF and NPPs), maintain macroeconomic stability and mobilize domestic revenue, advance sound public financial management and strengthen state budget transparency.

The Afghan government has approved four contracts having a total value of around three billion Afghanis during the latest round of the National Procurement Commission (NPC) meeting.

Davood Shah Safari, head of education in Helmand, says he will complete a shortage of male and female teachers, which has so far made more than a thousand as a teacher.

The NATO-led Resolute Support mission in a statement said the Afghan Air Force (AAF) will graduate its newest group of 24 pilots of fixed wing aircraft, including two female pilots, at a graduation ceremony at the Lom Praha Flight Training Center (CLV) in Pardubice, Czech Republic on June 27.

A professional computer training course has been launched for the female officers of the 209th Shaheen Corps of the Afghan Military in North of Afghanistan.

Ayoub Omar Omari, Garamsir district, says he is working with the elders in all areas of activity, he said that among the active schools in the district, there are also three girls' schools. Omari adds that tribal elders in this district have worked hard to make schools open to students, he said, the result of this peoples' cooperation is to remain active in education.

Mohammad Hossain Azimi who sells flowers in his shop said that he comes to his shop early in the mornings to gain Halal livelihood for his family and this is like a kind of worshiping and devoutness.

Halal Livelihood

Experts believe that increasing level of education helps to improve security because educated people understand importance of their role in ensuring security and can’t be deceived by fabricated propaganda of terrorists. 

Education Brings Peace in Nangarhar

The 99th year of independence of Afghanistan was celebrated in capital Kabul and other provinces and cities of the country.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday inaugurated the archives in ARG Presidential Palace, during a ceremony which was attended by a number of senior government officials.

The Afghanistan National Institute of Music and an American musical band (Metalllica) have won the 2018 Polar Music Prize, it has been reported. The Polar Music Prize is a prestigious prize which is often referred to as music’s Noble Prize.

In recent years the population of Kunduz has swelled to nearly 300,000, from just 50,000 about ten years ago. Many of the newcomers came to the city to flee violence in the countryside and this influx has strained city services.


Afghanistan is home to many tribes, these nations have lived together for thousands of years in unity.


HMD Photo Borders and tribes affairs Director Ahmad Naveed Nazari 2

According to officials from the Herat Information and Culture Directorate, during this year, dozens of cultural conferences and exhibitions were held for peace, unity and security in this province.

Herat Exhibitions

The Ministry of Counter Narcotics continues to make great progress in combating illegal drugs with the dedicated Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) as the Law and Action Plan for Combating Drugs enters its fourth year of execution. The plan, implemented in 2016, is a four-year strategy to amplify the primary responsibilities of the ministry in order to accelerate immediate progress. The ministry has focused primarily on the eradication of poppy cultivation, dismantling illegal drug labs and investigating the cultivation, trafficking and smuggling of illegal drugs. This year, operations have increased significantly.

“Since the beginning of this year, the CNPA have conducted 3,074 operations throughout Afghanistan,” said Lieutenant General Khalil Bakhtiar, Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics. “During these operations, 3,307 people have been detained in drug-related crimes, already a 32 percent increase in arrests since last year.”

The operations resulted in 315,661 tons of drugs seized, including 22,145 tablets of the increasingly prevalent psychedelic drug K-Tab. The operations also confiscated more than 527 vehicles used for illegal activity, and 3,434 cell phones and transmitters used for criminal communication. According to Bakhtiar, counter narcotic police have destroyed 30 illegal drug labs, eight illegal drug storefronts, and seven illegal alcohol production sites. The narcotics operations also successfully destroyed three improvised explosive device factories and two Taliban command and control centers. The team also seized a Taliban ammunition cache, resulting in the confiscation of more than 317 illegal weapons, and 40,000 other various ammunition.

Drugs are a major threat to our country, and to the world. The illegal drug activity within Afghanistan is directly linked with insecurity and instability. The drug-funded war has put our citizens at risk for years. The Afghan government and security forces are committed to eradicating illegal drugs throughout Afghanistan. The people of this country are grateful for the efforts of the CNPA, and stand with all ANDSF, saying no to the production and consumption of illegal drugs.

Three days of heavy rain caused major flooding in Afghanistan’s southern and western provinces last month. The response from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was a gift from God (Allah), as their actions were swift and life-saving. The ANDSF disaster response missions initially rescued more than 350 citizens in Kandahar. As soon as the water rose, our honorable defense forces arrived in the districts of Maiwand, Dand, Arghandab and Arghistan.

ANDSF efforts against crime in Afghanistan have proven successful over the last year. The approach taken by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has been a systematic crackdown on criminal activity, which has involved the citizens in identifying suspicious persons and illegal acts. The release of 222 wanted lists was met with great response, motivating Afghan citizens to turn in criminals.

A terrorist network was collapsed in the operation of the Special Forces of Police in Herat province and all its members were arrested.

Seventy-Five militants led by five local commanders laid down their weapons and reconciled with Islamic government of Afghanistan in Batikot district of the eastern Nangarhar province.

In several separate incidents in Kohestan, Ghormach and Qaisar districts more than 250 Talib insurgents were killed and wounded.

The leaders of the government of national unity met in Kabul today a week after the First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum’s return from Turkey.

Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday held talks on peace and ceasefire in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the US Vice President Mike Pence held talks regarding a range of bilateral issues including the upcoming elections and the security challenges in Afghanistan particularly in the light of the recent spring offensive announced by the Taliban group.

The biometric process for the electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC) has kicked off for the senior government officials including President Ghani amid ongoing controversies regarding the launch of the distribution of the cards.


A number of Herat residents hope to keep NATO presence in Afghanistan alive.


Herat governor spokesman

Strong government guarantees honor and good life for the nation. Unity and people’s support are vitally important factors for strengthening the government.

Government is Fruitful Tree

The first modern slaughterhouse was inaugurated in capital Kabul during a ceremony which was attended by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and some other high level government officials, including the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock Nasir Ahmad Durani.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani announced 100 million afghanis for implementation of development projects in southern Ghazni province.

The National Procurement Commission (NPC) approved 17 procurement related cases with a total value of around 3.2 billion Afghanistan, during a meeting chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The Independent Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan assumed full control of the airspace of Afghanistan after almost 26 years.

The Ministry of Energy and Water will invest $450 million in Dahla dam project in Shah Wali Kowt district in Kandahar province.

The Afghan and UAE officials inaugurate a major township built in Kabul city with the financial support of the UAE government.

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