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During the first fall of Kunduz province to the Taliban, local residents lost everything including Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Kunduz hospital which was completely eliminated in an air strike and at least 50 patients and Doctors were killed and injured.

MSF Hospital Reopened

HIV is a lethal and defamed illness and also the HAV, HBV; HBS are the diseases from which thousands of Afghans are suffered and often this diseases result of death in villages and towns.  

Maternal and infant mortality rates have greatly decreased in Kunduz, thanks to healthcare improvements and increased public awareness around the province.

KDZ Hospital


Mortality rates of mothers dropped approximately 80 percent this year, according to Kunduz officials. In fact, there have been no recorded maternal deaths in the Kunduz regional hospital this year.

The decrease is mainly due to GIRoA’s establishment of health centers in remote areas, improvement of communication and transportation services, and better access between villages and district centers. Additionally, government efforts to educate expectant mothers on risks also played a crucial role in reducing the number of deaths.

Dr. Naeem Mangal, the Kunduz Regional Hospital director, said not only has the maternal mortality rate dropped, but the infant mortality rate has also declined in the last couple of years in the province, thanks to an increase in the number of public health workers. Dr. Mangal predicted that infant mortality rates could reach zero percent soon.

Members of the provincial council recently visited Kunduz’s regional hospital and noted their satisfaction with the facilities. The council members said the improvements were a good move by the health sector of Kunduz.

Kunduz residents also acknowledged the improvements to health facilities and said that access to such centers has been made easier.

مادران افغان به ملت شان زندگى جديد را ميبخشند و در حال حاضر به خدمات صحى بهتر دسترسى دارند، با سپاس از سرمايه گذارى نيروهاى ائتلاف در شفاخانه زنان در کابل. 

After two years of professional education 48 midwives and nurses got graduation and presented to the community for the service. And will be deployed for jobs in different districts of Khost. And uniquely the rate of mortality will be reduced to the lower level.

Anti-polio vaccination program has started in southern Nimroz province yesterday.

Agriculture is the greatest source of food, employment and income generation in which most people are engaged in Afghanistan. Agriculture sector has been improving remarkably nationwide by efforts of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

Nangarhar Agriculture Developement

NATO troops donated several motorcycles and office equipment to the Herat Department of Agriculture. The donations include 10 motorbikes, 15 seats 15 table stands, 15 laptops and 3 printers.

RS aid with Herat Agriculture

Farmers in Abbazan area of Gereshk district have grown vegetables instead of poppy on their fields and everyday morning carrying their products to Gereshk Bazaar for sealing. Khiar Mohammad one of the farmers in the village said I have grown vegetables and fruits so every morning I take fresh vegetables and fruits to Gereshk Bazaar.

Greshk Farmers Income

Agriculture is an important economic resource for many families in Helmand. That’s why the Afghan government is implementing new projects to help farming.

A bountiful melon harvest has filled the markets of Kunduz City thanks to the ANDSF continually operating to create a safe environment for our farmers.


Kunduz Fruit Market

Saffron is the best and the most effective alternative for poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

The security forces and public got close to each other compared to any other time. They help each other in different parts, often they call join gatherings and they have advice to each other about the extension of the sovereignty of the government, tightening security and public order. So it’s the reason that the security condition in Khost is assured compared to any other time.

People of Khost always try their best to praise their security forces unless to give further courage and to give them extra moral and to defend bravely from own country and people.

We also conducted an interview with a police officer who is recently praised by people. And to know what this honoring was about and how much he is influenced let’s read it in this interview.

Question: What’s your job and your name?

Answer: My name is Abdul Shukor and I am the responsible of the operation of Khost police head quarter.

Question: Recently a number of police officers and soldiers were praised including you, what was the reason that you were being praised by public?

Answer: You know, that good and bad people have conclusions if a person does good works in the society they will be praised and as well as it’s good principal of praising and punishment, and boost the morale of a person.

We carried our jobs faithfully and cordially and tried to implement the law, and to obey the order of our seniors, to serve better for the people and to perform the assigned duties properly and need to carry these entire job in the frame work of law.

So occasionally people praise police officer and soldiers, as we appreciate them, as I am honored by the public I am reaching to the positive conclusion of my activities, still I insist that the efforts are not the last one but will try to earn the hearts of people.

Question: How long have you been performing job in police forces?

Answer: I have been performing job in police ranks since from last five years, and its fifth time that I am praised by public with letters of appreciation and medals.

As I have the job of planning in Khost police head quarter, so it seems that we are succeed in our plans so that people praise us occasionally and I can say confidently that I carry on my job very cordially and I am proud that I am the officer of the ranks of Afghanistan national security forces.

Question: Honoring and praising of you by the public how much it will influence you future careers and responsibilities?

Answer: There is no doubt, that praising of someone having positive result, so it will definitely having positive effects. It will motivate us further unless to carry on the assigned duties properly and will draw our attention to our responsibilities and this kind praising having positive effects on our spirit besides the activities of other police and they are also encouraged to perform their job well.

Question: What’s your great ambition which you wish to be fulfilled?

Answer: My great ambition is the sustainable peace in Afghanistan unless to be ended the existed misfortunes and to live in peace and the shed of our mothers need to be weep off, whose children are the victimized of the ongoing war.

Reaching to this goal of mine I am ready even to sacrifice my self unless to live other patriots in peace and love.

At a symposium on the promotion of women in the southwest, the Governor of Kandahar, the Minister of Women's Affairs, his government and non-governmental Arak, participated in a large number of women's representatives.

Kandahar Women Symposium

The new elected Director for the Helmand court pledged to fight against corruption. The new appointed Director for Helmand Court Lal Aqa Patwal, promised that they will arrange all the activities on transparent, and will fight against corruption.

Patwal to Fight Corruption

In Helmand Province the seminar under the name of conservation and rights of children in Islam started for one day. Sadiqullah  Khaliqi, Director of the of Labor and Social Affairs, said  strives to protect children, through different programs from current threats.

Religious scholars will provide information


Afghanistan is united country that is made of different tribes. The people of Afghanistan have no problem between each other and they support the unity between each tribe. They have helped each other in hard times and they hurt for each other when there are problems. Some people recently tried to create problems between the tribes and challenge the government of the people.


Every society consists of women and men. Women represent half of our population, so their involvement in development, peace, and democracy is vital.

Backyard poultry production has always been a major contributor to family nutrition in Afghanistan that enhance families through small-scale earn income to feed the family. Among hundreds of families which received hen donation in Kunduz, one is Nooria.

Ajmal Hammed Abdulrahimzai, Public Relation Director & Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance has provided information on reflection of the High Economic Council’s decision and successful assessment of Afghan Government’s financial and economic reforms by IMF through a press conference at the Government Media & Information Center (GMIC)

The International Accountant Day was celebrated in Kabul Serena Hotel by CPA Afghanistan DG Treasury of Ministry of Finance today 25 Oct 2017. The Deputy Minister of Finance, Director General of Treasury, ACCI CEO, Government Officials and Professors and Students of Accounting have participated in the program.

MoC Celebrates Accountants Day

H.E. Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance and H.E. Tadamichi Yamamoto, UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan announced the outcomes of the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) through a press conference.


MoF Announces Outcome of SOM

The first wind power and solar wind power plant in Herat province has been completed and the project is due to be opened soon. Head of the Electricity and Water Administration of Herat said for the first time, the center was created in the Herat Industrial Estate, which will produce two megawatts of electricity with three wind turbines and solar sills.

Herat Wind Power Project

The residents of Helmand are pleased that after one-year without them, civilian flights have begun in Helmand.

Boost Airport of Helmand

Mohammad Hossain Azimi who sells flowers in his shop said that he comes to his shop early in the mornings to gain Halal livelihood for his family and this is like a kind of worshiping and devoutness.

Halal Livelihood

Experts believe that increasing level of education helps to improve security because educated people understand importance of their role in ensuring security and can’t be deceived by fabricated propaganda of terrorists. 

Education Brings Peace in Nangarhar

The Kandahar governor General Zulmai Wesa says that enemies of Afghanistan want to ruin the Afghanistan’s education system and they don’t want to allow the new generation of Afghanistan to get educated.

Enemies Destroy Education System

The Kandahar police are stepping ahead for higher education. The officials of police in Kandahar say that they are trying to introduce all their police for higher education but according to them that will take time. They say that Kandahar’s many police are graduated from high school but after that they will be introduced for higher studies.

Police Higher Education

Sorgul Abdurrahman the director of Helmand university during the graduation ceremony of 315 students said 81 expert and qualified teachers are busy for teaching the students at Helmand university.

Helmand University Students

They learn computer training through HELP's German Institute.

Computer Training for Disabled


Afghanistan is home to many tribes, these nations have lived together for thousands of years in unity.


HMD Photo Borders and tribes affairs Director Ahmad Naveed Nazari 2

According to officials from the Herat Information and Culture Directorate, during this year, dozens of cultural conferences and exhibitions were held for peace, unity and security in this province.

Herat Exhibitions

پکتیا کې د کتاب د ورځې په وياړ د کتابونو لوى نندراتون جوړ شو. په همدې مناسبت غونډه کې وینا والو ،ټولنيزو رسنيو کې د بوختياوو تر څنګ د کتاب مطالعه هم مهمه وبلله دوی ،له حکومت او په ځانګړې توګه له اطلاعات او فرهنګ رياست څخه د کتاب مطالعې په برخه کې د اسانتياوو غوښتنه کوي.

سید جمال مبارز هغه ځوان دې چې په بلخ ولایت کې د سلماني دکان وتاړه او په خالي جېب یې د افغان ستوري د سیالۍ میدان ته را ودانګل.

The first rap artist to make to the final of the popular Afghan Star music competition was elected the winner as he managed to attract considerable fan with his songs, mainly focusing on the ongoing challenges of the country.

Afghanistan’s first and only all women orchestra (Zohra) has been chosen the winner of Freemuse Award 2017.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces supported by the respected countrymen are engaged in providing a peaceful life and prosperity nationwide. Most parts of Alishang district of Laghman province was reportedly cleared of militants’ presence during recent military operations.

In addition, security posts of local police and national army were established for permanent security there.

Gen. Fazal Ahmad Shirzad, Police Chief of Laghman thanked residents of the district for helping in ensuring security.

He said, “It is an example of good cooperation between ANDSF and locals in fighting against those deteriorating security and putting lives of innocent countrymen in danger.”

He reassured the people that more efforts will be done in order to bring more security improvement in other parts of the district.

Gen. Shirzad, “A security post of Local police and ANA forces was established in Tarnak area. It is a strategic point. Presence of security forces will not let enemies of Afghanistan to perform destructive activities.”

Residents of Alishang appreciated security forces for improvement of security in their area and urged to expand military operations to other parts of the district.

Noor Agha, a resident of Khawar village said, “The roads were closed. People couldn’t travel without fear. It was problematic to perform economic activities and send our children to schools. Now it is good. We are optimistic for development of our area by improvement of security.”

Religious cleric from Laghman Gull Anwar called upon locals to defend their religious and country values as well as protect innocent lives from harms of enemies of humanity by helping security forces.

“The enemies of Afghanistan don’t want the Muslim people to live in peace and perform their religious activities without fear. They want disorder, insecurity and return to the past by waging war. We need to stand against the enemies by standing beside honest national security forces.”

Thousands of people lost their lives because of the mines in Afghanistan and this process still continues. The insurgents are placing the mines for the security forces and the local people are getting hit by these mines. In the same time the Afghan security forces have defused thousands of mines that were planted by insurgents in different parts of the country.

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) fight day and night against those groups attempting to deteriorate security and put the lives of respected countrymen in danger. Tears of happiness flows form the eyes of the father whose eight year old child was released from kidnappers’ hands by the brave security forces in the Eastern Nangarhar province.

The innocent child was kidnapped by a criminal group for ransom few days ago in Chaparhar district of the province. Two suspects were arrested linked to the kidnapping during operations conducted for release of the child.

Nangarhar Police Chief Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahim stated, “It is holly duty of ANDSF members to protect the lives of innocent people from dirty plots of criminals.”

He also said that 12 terrorists were killed and several others wounded in the past few days during ground and aerial military operations in different parts of Nangarhar.

“67 suspects were also arrested in linking to robberies, kidnappings, killings and other criminal activities. In addition, 26 different types of weapons and more than 14 thousand bullets were seized” he said.

Father of the rescued child, who was seemingly very happy, appreciated police for giving new life to his child. “There is no sweater thing than a child. Police rescued a part my heart. I don’t have enough words to praise their performances.”

He called upon people to cooperate with security forces in order to get more successes in ensuring security. “We need to stand beside these good people. They are really in our service. I realize this.”

Mursal Karimi, a social activist insisted that as much as security forces get stronger that much security will be improved. “We see that security forces, day and night, offer happiness and peaceful life to the people. Cooperation of people gives them strength.”

On one hand the cruel enemies of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and respected Afghans lose place in the community, on the other ANDSF get remarkable achievements in fighting against the terrorists nationwide.


Officials reported that military operations started in Khogiani district in order to deter infighting of militants and prevent entering of Daesh affiliates to strategic location of Wazir Valley of Khogiani district of the eastern Nangarhar province.

Brig Gen. Mohammad Habib Hesari, Deputy Chief of Staff of ANA in a visit to the mentioned district reported that 37 Daesh and Taliban militants received casualties during the operations.

“21 Terrorists were killed and 16 others wounded in the ongoing operations. Terrorist groups will face surprising defeat in Khogiani too. Brave security forces here standing with their people in order to protect them from militants’ cruel activities.”

Commander of Border Police Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Husainkheil informed that new bases are going to be established in the strategic frontier locations to ensure security and avoid movements of terrorist groups.

He said, “The security bases will be established in Askarkheil, Karamkheil, Perakheil, Shorakheil, Zawa, Sangani and Wazir Tangi of Khogiani district as well as in Markekheil area of Shirzad district.

Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi, Nangarhar Police Chief, emphasized that terrorists have been heavily suppressed in Nangarhar and they lost the ability to achieve their sinister goals.

“Terrorists lost the resources which helped them to deteriorate security in other parts of Nangarhar. Now both groups are here fighting each other to find escaping way and place for living but security forces will not let them stay in peace” he remarked.

Locals welcomed the military operations and announced support with security forces. Ajmal Omar, Member of Provincial Council and Khogiani districts’ prominent tribal elder, is optimistic that the recent ANDSF efforts will cause improvement of security.

“Every individual is ready to stand side by side with their security forces in fighting against the enemies. The government should also provide essential services to the affected people besides ensuring security” he insisted.

ANDSF take all measurements including establishment of new security posts and military bases in order to provide a peaceful environment for the people. Locals and officials believe that the new military bases and security posts in Kot and Achin of the Eastern Nangarhar province will remarkably improve security and prevent return of terrorists to the areas cleared during recent military operations.

Brig Gen. Mohammad Naseem Sangeen, Commander of 201 Selab Corps 4th Brigade, told Sada-e-Azadi, locations for permanent security posts and military bases were selected through consultation with locals, elders and experienced security officials.

“Construction of military bases in Kot and Achin districts are ongoing. Inshallah, in presence of brave security forces, the enemy will not dare to come here again. The terrorist groups are heavily supressed here.”

He thanked people for supporting their security forces which resulted in expanding the peaceful environment for living, development projects and delivering essential services to the residents.

“We will never let the enemies of Afghanistan to harm our peace likers’ countrymen. As people supported their security forces in fighting against terrorists, security forces will also not leave them alone”, he insisted.

District Chief of Kot, Sayed Rahman Mohmand, stated that cruel acts of terrorists against the innocent locals are unforgettable.

He said: “More than forty thousand locals displaced to other districts due to presence and unpleasant activities of Daesh affiliates. The terrorist groups performed inhuman and anti-Islamic deeds in order to harm Muslims and defame the holy Islam.”

He added that unity among security forces and locals created an unbreakable force against terrorists. “Inshallah, the permanent bases will play more vitally an important role not only in ensuring security but also in improvement of unity and coordination among people and security forces. Most people were concerned that terrorists will return but establishment of the security bases gave reassurance to the locals to live without fear in their villages.”

According to a tribal elder from Achin district, Mirza Khan, the permanent bases mean stable peace for them.

He said: “The bases have been established in very important locations. The ways through which terrorists were getting logistical support have been blocked by the construction of the security posts and bases.”

Cultivation, production, usage and trafficking of narcotics are common financial sources for terrorists to carry on the illegal war against Islamic government and Muslim people of Afghanistan.

ANDSF Counter narcotics efforts


A number of Herat residents hope to keep NATO presence in Afghanistan alive.


Herat governor spokesman

Strong government guarantees honor and good life for the nation. Unity and people’s support are vitally important factors for strengthening the government.

Government is Fruitful Tree

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has approved at least five contracts worth 1 billion Afghanis during a meeting of the National Procurement Commission.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the contracts approved during the meeting, includes procurement of tables, chairs, and solar power system for the schools in 22 provinces.

Procurement of food items for the Ministry of Public Health and consulting project to uplift the capacity of the High Office of Monitoring Directorate.

Other projects approved during the meeting included repair and maintenance of the power plants and generators for the Afghan army central command and Corps units, and supplies of logistics for the administrative office of the President.

The meeting also decided to modify the consulting projects for to investigate the reconstruction of Greshk city electricity dam and power transmission project and subsequently rejected it for seeking alternatives for the projects.

A plan for the establishment of an extraordinary committee to expedite the works of the infrastructure projects, including roads, railways, housing projects, dams, was also approved during the meeting.

The National Procurement Commission also presented its report for the fiscal year 1395 to include the achievements, executions, and reforms.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar formally signed the peace agreement through a video teleconference played in ARG Palace today.

The ceremony was attended by several high level government officials and prominent political figures including members of Hezb-e-Islami led by Hekmatyar.

The draft peace agreement concluded between Hezb-e-Islami delegation and the Afghanistan High Peace Council last Thursday and was signed by the two sides.

Hekmatyar signed the draft peace agreement in order to pave the way for the formal signing by President Ghani, the party’s chief negotiator Karim Amin said.

The peace agreement with Hezb-e-Islami concluded after almost six months negotiations which started earlier this year with the formation of a Quadrilateral Coordination Group for the Afghan peace talks.

Hezb-e-Islami was the first anti-government armed militant group to join direct peace talks with the Afghan government. In his speech ahead of the formal signing today, Hekmatyar asked the neighboring countries of Afghanistan not to seek their interests in persistent violence in Afghanistan, and he urged members of other insurgent groups around the country to enter into peace talks with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


The construction work over two buildings, including a Hostel and dining room for female students of Helmand University has been launched. The worth of these buildings are 39 million afghanis, which will be paid by ministry of finance.

Hostel for Helmand Students

Fourteen construction projects for female police soldiers were opened by Ambassador of Korea and interior ministry officials in western Herat province. Herat deputy Chief of Police said the projects include the conversion of clothes, prayers, and the recruitment of children to the female police in Herat.

Female Police Herat Projects

Peace, stability and assured security are the things which pave the way for reconstruction and development. And beside this, the availability of possible facilities in the framework of government for workers results in providing services according to the expectations of the people.

Appelate Court Corner Stone

More than 470 general projects this year have been opened in Farah province. The head of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Department of Farah, said that these projects have been launched at cost 206 million and 750 thousand Afghanis in six districts.

Farah Developement Projects

An irrigation canal was established in Herat Province at a cost 82 million AFN. The project was set up in the Obeh district of Herat province.

Herat Irrigation Canal

Engineer Matiullah Bahir from Lashkar Gah municipality said 1km road in Kartilagan area of Lashkar Gah will be constructed soon. The cost of this road is three million Afghanis and it will be provided by the Lashkar Gah municipality Bahir said.

Lashkargah 1 Kilometere Road

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